“Hi Steve, Yesterday was incredibly useful. I actually found it very interesting, and also fun, to have you identify all the potential weaknesses in my report and possible testimony, and to figure out together what to do about them.”

” Jim, I just gave a 6 hour deposition as plaintiff’s expert.  Retaining counsel openly stated that, in his 40 years of practice, I was the best prepared and composed expert witness he has ever had. Thanks for the great training and guidance.”

“Steve, thanks for all your help and encouragement! Your training and teaching gave me my confidence.”

“4 DAYS OF EXCELLENCE, You and the team did an outstanding job. Thank you for your insights, encouragement and patience.”

“Thank you!. I found the courses (all four days) excellent-in terms of content, written materials given out and the quality of teaching. Apart from being really interesting and informative it was also so enjoyable. Great to have so much laughter while learning some serious stuff! Well done to you and Chip and the Judge! I am so glad I have attended and look forward to putting as much of what I have learned into practice as possible. I will definitely be back!”

“Jim, it was a pleasure to learn from you. You are a bit scary (hahaha) but an amazing teacher! Well, all of you (Chip, the judge, and you ) were excellent teachers. I have never deposed but feel now have great tools, when the time comes. Again, thank you so much! The pleasure was mine.”

“The seminar was top notch.  I am really looking forward to my next one!”

“Jim, What a great course. Really appreciate the content and you are clearly the right guy to present and teach it.”

“Amazing training course, Jim.”

“Jim – Thank you for two great days!  I learned new issues, which to assist my work and business.  You and Chip did a fantastic job with the material/ presentation.”

“Jim, What an excellent course! Like drinking from a firehose. Time to reflect and put it all together. Thanks so much.”

“Jim, I enjoyed the seminar.  Your illustrative stories, case reports and sense of humor made it go by quickly.  I have already begun updating my CV and website using what I learned.  I look forward to the next one.”

“A ‘must attend’ for anyone interested in this line of work”

“Fantastic. Far exceeded my expectations.”


“Outstanding- reality based presentation of “those things to be expected”. For me (in law enforcement) the principles reinforced.”

“Outstanding seminar.”


“Very impressed with level of expertise of Jim & Chip.”

“Very nice set-up. A high-quality training experience from beginning to end. Very knowledgeable expertise and insightful program. Straightforward advice. Delicious breakfast & lunch included. Worth every penny!”

“Very well put together & informative.”

“A useful combination of stories from the front lines & practical advice.”

“Exceptional presenters.”

“Awesome presentations.”

“Excellent job, very engaging!”

“Excellent pace, energy, interactive.”

“Dear Jim, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the excellent information that you provided at the SEAK conference. Since I am brand new to expert witnessing, I came away with my brain very full (and appropriately paranoid), but more than a bit excited about learning more and diving into this work.  Thankfully there are two attorneys at the firm who are willing to work with me— one to prep me on the art of deposition before they turn to the “closer” [someone who has a slightly sadistic side similar to your own] on me to see how rattled I will be on [cross] examination. The conference –and your examples—gave me much food for thought and some practical tips on how I can protect myself.  For all of those things, thank you!”

“Jim – Thanks for another great class!  How to Be an Effective Expert Witness was very informative, interactive, and entertaining.  I plan on attending How to Bulletproof Your Deposition in the near future.”

“Great program, thank you !!!”

“A great experience. Thanks!”

“Jim, Thank you very much for checking in and for your work on this workshop last week.  I will strongly recommend it to my colleagues and let them know it’s worth the money.”

“Jim, Thank you so much for teaching.  Personal experience has taught me that well prepared material requires extensive auxiliary time and attention for success. You and judge Lawson were successful. This course was very helpful. I appreciated the high standard of ethics included in the training.  In my profession (Civil Engineering), ethics are emphasized.  I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss scenarios with a mixed group of professionals, who include some of the brightest minds in our Country.   Taking expert witness training allows us to elevate the level of justice for our communities, for every state, municipality, and everyone within…”

“Exceptionally helpful and practical.”

“High level training I feel like I’m leaving here way ahead of others starting this line of work.”

“Lots of great information, fast paced, experts are teaching information they know like the back of their hand.”

“Terrific – it’s easy to follow along.”

“Very useful & entertaining.”

“Very well-done intro to expert testimony”

“Was practical and highlighted the important aspects of being an EW.”

“Worth every little penny for how it’ll help my work.”

“Very helpful to have people practice testifying, have questions asked throughout the room, feedback on responses is very helpful.”

“Excellent presenters, for a long day, their presentations and dynamics kept my attention 100%.”

“Keep up your amazing work.”

“[Instructors] were very knowledgeable, excellent at teaching ,– appreciate the variety of teaching styles.” 

“Steve, our session was very valuable and helped me to organize my opinions in a useful format for verbal presentation. I will definitely let you know how things go on Monday.”

“Jim, it went very well! I followed your advice and had so much fun. I got to use two analogies! (Road map and cardiac arrest with late script.) [Retaining Counsel] approved for me to bring visual aids and she let defense counsel know beforehand. I got the posters done 16×20 this weekend. Worked!  Thank you so much for the prep. You are the superb master. Will share the videorecording later. :))”

“Ciao Paisan, This will give you a chuckle – remember Mr…. of the … video [deposition I gave]? Well, the *opposing* counsel that took my depo in that case has just retained me for an injury case involving a very large and well-known corporation.  They are paying a $20k retainer for me to review 1600 pages, perform the IME and write a report.  This is now the 5th case where I was retained at the new $900 per hour rate.  I wasn’t sure if it would be accepted, but nobody has protested yet. Tomorrow I am interviewing for my third patent case. Many thanks for all your help and guidance over the years!  Hope [my spouse] and I will have the opportunity to see you again before long.”

“Jim, My expert witness “sideline” is now starting to overshadow my surgical work.  In the past year I have taken on 7 cases and probably have turned down a like number as they were out of my field of expertise. I turned down another as the attorney wanted me to simply sign an affidavit that he had written in support of his case. The cases come from all across the country – Maine, Florida, South Carolina, Minnesota, Washington, California and New York. All this and my only “advertising” is through SEAK. Not too bad I’d say. To your credit, had I not participated in your courses … I would have been ill prepared and likely unable to provide adequate assistance to the defense team and the outcome in these cases might have been different.  I thank you for the knowledge and expertise you have shared. I think of you and thank you often. I trust all is well at your end and life is good. Thank you again for allowing me to participate in your classes. Stay well.”

“Steve, you were right. Your counsel was invaluable. I could have benefited from a full day of it. Thanks for your good counsel.”

“Steve/Jim:  I would like to thank you for all of your help and support in helping me to launch my expert witness practice. I just reached my 100th case with 24 depositions and 8 trial testimonies under my belt. Your training and expertise was incredibly helpful and practical and everything that I learned came into play at one time or another. I have sent many healthcare professionals to your seminars. Thank you again for everything that you do.”

“You and Chip were amazing.   Thanks for a great learning experience.”

“Jim, Thanks for a great seminar.  You and Chip were excellent!”

“A great learning experience.”

“Thanks, Jim. You [and Chip] were both enjoyable and informative. I especially appreciate the feedback on my first written report.”

“Instantly executable information.”

“Very enlightening- a big eye opener.”

“Very impressed with the speakers/instructors, great examples/advice.”

“Well organized and designed.”

“Excellent, practical.”

“Presenters did an incredible job.”

“The conference was excellent and provided both reinforcement of things I’ve done right but also a lot that I need to refine or change.”

“Jim, Thanks again to You and Chip for one of the best workshops/seminars/trainings that I’ve ever attended. Your advice is spot on.”

“I would like to thank you for Saturday and Sunday at Clearwater Beach.  Everything was seamless, and the speakers were on top of their game.  It was a very enjoyable time, and I learned more than I had in the past.  You and Jim put together a totally first-rate performance, and I’ll be coming back again.”

“Thank you for hosting a great event!  We found the sessions helpful, packed with useful information, and well managed.”

“Thanks for a great conference in a perfect location. As always, very informative and well organized.”

“The meeting, exceeded my expectations. The only thing I regret was not taking these courses before accepting my first case. I appreciated the absence of commercial presence. The setting and services were fantastic.”

“It was as always, a life changing experience.  Thank you for everything.”

“Both the seminar and the conference were great! Very well planned, organized and executed! I learned a lot in both and I am very happy with my investment of time and money in this.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this conference very interesting and informative, I will be back!!!”

“It was an exceedingly well run conference. I look forward to attending next year when you are in Clearwater again.“

“As always, the content is very valuable.  The location and hotel is probably the loveliest and most relaxing conference destination I’ve been to—”

“I have been doing life care planning for twenty years and I was skeptical that I could really get that much more out of additional training. I was so wrong. This was a huge benefit to me and my company. I appreciate the access to such wonderful and knowledgeable professionals. The presentations were extremely informative on every level. It was also a wonderful opportunity to network and meet so many wonderful people…..”

“It was great! Will hopefully see you in cape cod soon for more great education.”

“I really enjoyed the conference and learned a great deal from the high caliber speakers that you assembled. I look forward to attending another one of the SEAK conferences in the future.”

“A hearty “thank you” to you and the team for another amazing conference. This is my 3rd year and an already great event seems to continue to improve.”

“Thank you Steve! It was a fantastic experience and I will be at future events.”

“It was a truly impactful conference! I learned a lot. Thank you so much for offering this.”

“You are such a high class act … … … .. not only the presenters and presentation but now even a thank you note! I will be brining my entire office of physiatrists and support team to Falmouth MA (effective testimony).” 

“It was certainly a terrific conference, full of great speakers and information.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class you taught Thursday and Friday.  This conference will certainly make my list of future events to attend.”

“Congratulations on another successful conference! It is impressive that, given the limited number of topics, you keep the meetings fresh with new speakers and new ideas. It was a fun experience, and I look forward to many more stimulating SEAK experiences.”

“I found it very useful and will certainly continue to attend future sessions. Thanks to you and your team.”

“Thank you Steve and Jim!  As usual, you delivered a memorable and rich learning opportunity.  I enjoyed the content, the location, and the networking immensely.  Keep up the fantastic work!”

“Very helpful!”

“Very informative.”

“Very well organized, with effective and knowledgeable teaching.”

“Very well planned & executed.”

“You guys do such a fantastic job that any comments on improving would be Monday morning quarterbacking GREAT JOB! Thank you.”

“Jim, I gave myself a $100 raise after the conference to $600 per hour and the lawyer from VA that called me Monday after the conference sounded very happy to hire me! Thanks for the raise!”



“Excellent, Steven is really effective at sharing his wisdom with the audience.”

“Good stuff: lots of good information.”

“Material was excellent & Steve was excellent presenter.”

“Outstanding, as always!”

“Very informative, educational.”

“Very interactive!”

“Very well done!”

“Great workshop!”

“It was very informative & interesting.”

“Thank you again! Your expertise and experiences provided invaluable insight and ideas. Worth every penny!”

“Steven, I would like to thank you for Saturday and Sunday at Clearwater Beach.  Everything was seamless, and the speakers were on top of their game.  It was a very enjoyable time, and I learned more than I had in the past.  You and Jim put together a totally first-rate performance, and I’ll be coming back again.”


“Excellent as usual.”

“Excellent! Held attention throughout.”

“Extremely well organized. The faculty has at heart the quality training of expert witnesses.”

“Eye opening to the pitfalls of report writing.”

“Great content, effective, knowledgeable speaker.”

“Very aligned to what I needed.”

“It was fantastic.”

“It’s really good because it helps you to develop the skills in report writing.”

“Outstanding – Nadine is an outstanding lawyer and teacher- maybe the best teacher at any conference I have attended.”

“Practical & immediately implementable concepts & lessons.”

“SEAK offers the best CE programs I have ever attended- this was no exception.”

“The seminar was put together very well. Content was relevant & presented well.”

“Very interactive and kept me engaged. It’s a long couple of days so this isn’t easy to accomplish.”

“Well organized, informative.”

“Great interaction with the class.”

“Practical, real life, examples.”

“The real life work product examples, both positive and negative, were very good learning experience & tools.”

“Great job by Nadine. She makes a dry topic come alive.”

“I very much enjoyed my time in your course and learnt so much!  Both my husband and I came away invigorated by the knowledge we gained and are determined to put it all into practice.”

“I have to let you know that as the two day course evolved the more I thought about the report we do, the more I was cringing at how rubbish it was!  As soon as I have caught up on all my work having been out of the office for almost two weeks I am going to be preparing a new draft report based on everything you spoke about (we also bought the book!).”

“Thank you for what you do, and particularly the workbook and your sincere efforts to help all of us who are expert witnesses.

It was an amazing course, and you did a fantastic job.”

“This was the best SEAK conference I ever attended and I have been to a few now.”

“A great class, I learned a ton, very practical and useful.”

“From my listing in the SEAK Directory alone I generated over $100K last year and I’m on track to do at least that much and probably more this year. I also highly recommend the SEAK retention contract which is airtight and has saved me from unwanted hassles in collecting payments. If you’re new to expert witness consulting or have been doing it for a while, SEAK is the only directory you’ll ever need to start or grow your expert witness consulting practice”

“Steve, I just wanted to drop a quick note to personally say that I appreciate you occasionally sending a very relevant article on my area of expertise. It is just another example of the great work you and Jim do to develop and support us.”

“Can’t believe how much I learned! After years in this business, I realize I’m a novice!”

“Excellent and more entertaining than I expected”

“Excellent- gave valuable “inside” tidbits and pointers that can be practically applied”

“Excellent, this course was crucial in understanding about expert witness”

“Very well done (as was the last SEAK course I attended)”

“It was wonderful. I actually put the information into practice right away with an attorney who tried to bully me into starting work before the contract was signed. Once I spoke with him, I was extremely confident to back him down and do it my way. I’ve already revised my CV and it looks great. THANKS MUCH!”

“Nadine, One of the best courses I have attended in many years. Well executed.”

“I have personally done a lot of courses, gone to many as well and I certainly can recognize a good one. One of the best courses ever!”

“Thank you. Your class has already prepared me better for my upcoming cases. I have ten active cases going and I really needed the SEAK conference to help me out.”

“Very much enjoy the seminar, and felt the material provided was very helpful. I have already integrated your suggestions in my materials.”

“Thank you! I found the seminar very helpful. In fact, I now really regret not taking it when I started doing this work over a year ago. As an example of the help I received: during the Thursday session I was contacted by an attorney to take on a new case. Prior to attending your seminar, with such a call I would essentially stumble and scamper, like a puppy on hardwood floors, while eagerly agreeing to take the case and start immediately. However, after attending Thursday’s session, I calmly (like a trained pro) replied that I would need to understand the case before I could agree and that I’d be happy to discuss the matter further over the phone. I greatly enjoyed the training and I look forward to attending more in the future.”

“Thanks for the prompt follow up. you were a well prepared, energetic, and engaging speaker. Much appreciated!”

“I also want to thank you for the A+ job you did presenting the material. You and Dr. Baker exceeded my expectations for the training. I particularly enjoyed your candor and perspective coming from the legal side. So, again, thank you and well done!”

“I really enjoyed the class and am working on implementing the ideas I got in the course. I came home with some great ideas about how to move forward. I’ve been working on my list of cases which I really hadn’t put together until now. It’s pretty interesting to go through and see how my perception of what I’ve done differs from reality!”

“A really great two days. You were great. I feel like my ability to do good work was transformed.”

“Thank you for an amazing two days. I learned an immense amount and the training truly exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for your energy and knowledge.”

“Phenomenal – the combo of the book with the speakers is fabulous. Steve and Nadine are exceptional (obviously) natural, interesting, organized, funny, human, quick on feet… could go on – made us (audience) feel safe and ‘no judgement’.”

“Very pleased with the program. My first SEAK experience was in 2015 and this was a great seminar.”

“Mr. Babitsky is so persuasive I think he could convince a jury that the earth is flat! Nadine is also an excellent presenter. “

Great work! Engaging presentation – information delivered in a way where it is easy to apply to “real situation”

“I really enjoyed both of your presentations, explanations and examples – it was a truly entertaining, informative weekend.”

“Thank you very much for your great courses this weekend. I truly learned a lot and will use the knowledge for decades to come. Your lectures and examples were wonderful and I will certainty use these skills in my expert practice.”

“Thank YOU both for such an excellent, eye-opening, and continually invigorating conference. It is hard for me to find time in my schedule for these conferences, but I’m so glad I did. It was worth every moment. You both are fabulous speakers (as you know) and genuinely bring home these concepts in engaging, interesting, and often humorous ways! I appreciate the work you’ve both done to provide this opportunity for us experts. I have 3 trials coming up in the next month, and I look forward to using these techniques!”

“It was extremely useful and enlightening. All the crew from New Mexico toxicology greatly appreciated your fun and interesting presentation style.”

“Your classes are the best.”

“Thank you—-as always, I both enjoyed and benefitted from the training.”

“Had a depo this morning. Killed it! Thanks for the idea about the timeline of events— totally helped me nail the facts and testify smoothly. Have a great week!”

“Thanks Jim!!! You brought me into a world that is rewarding, exciting, and really really FUN!!!”

“Thank you very much for your great courses this weekend. I truly learned a lot and will use the knowledge for decades to come. Your lectures and examples were wonderful and I will certainty use these skills in my expert practice.”

“You provided me some excellent insight into how the “game” is played and took away some of my trepidation for going into this field.”

“Training was excellent. I know I can improve in depositions and testimony, and this certainly is the beginning of that improvement.”

“I got a ton out of it and look forward to applying what I learned.”

“Jim. Thank you so much for everything You and Judge Larson were fantastic…This was my 4th seak course !!! With every one I learn and take away so many new concepts. See you at the next one.”

“I wanted to thank you for an incredible 2 days of teaching. Probably one of the best courses I have taken. I love the way that you interacted with everybody in the class. I honestly feel that interactive and “hands on” teaching result in the best learning experience.”

“A wonderful, and really eye-opening experience. Your session with Judge Lawson was one of the most interactive presentations that I have seen!”

“Thanks for all the great tips and techniques!”

“I feel much more prepared to go and testify.”

“Wonderful, informative, interactive.”

“Jim is absolutely phenomenal- always sharp- excellent in every respect. Remarkable experience. Judge Lawson was very effective as well, but Jim is a true stand-out.”

“Wonderful! Having the Judge explain the overall court process at the beginning was very helpful.”

“Most enjoyable conference I’ve ever been to.”

“Both Nadine and Richard were rock stars! Much appreciated.”

“Excellent presentation, very approachable & willing to support students.”

“Excellent presenters. Made the hours go quickly.”

“Excellent teachers, positive attitude, engaging presenters.”

“Nadine: you did an amazing job! You made this course. I learned a lot from you. I appreciate your enthusiasm and energy. You were an excellent teacher and I really hope you continue what you do. Richard: you do have a great deal of knowledge & experience as a physician who does this work. It was good to hear your anecdotes and benefit from your field of knowledge.”

“Very knowledgeable and engaging. Impressed with Nadine’s preparation (reviewing participates materials) and interactive audience approach. Wonderful job fielding questions from the audience.”

“Jim, It was a pleasure to meet you at the recent SEAK training in Cape Cod. I enjoyed the training and appreciated the practical nature of the content. I look forward to getting started.”

“I greatly appreciated the wonderful advice from Attorney Donovan during our Monday teleconference. The advice was comprehensive and will befit both my future revenue and professional credibility.”

“I wanted to thank you for once again delivering on an informative jam-packed-with-good info seminar! So glad I attended.”

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the course last week. It really is helping me prepare for my first deposition. If I would have known how beneficial it was going to be I would have signed up for the weekend class. Two others are now interested in taking the course based on my feedback.”

“I really enjoyed the two days which I attended the Start, Build, and Run sessions, which I found to be extremely informative. I also found the combination of your expertise along with Chip’s real world experiences to be a great way to present the subject. Kudos to you both. I’ve all ready begun making changes to my practice based on what I learned while attending, and look forward to further modifications as I move forward. I only wish that I had stayed for the second two days…next time.”

“The course and faculty could not have been better.”

“Great Seminar…Well worth it. Got much from it. Very well done.”

“Dear Jim, Your training in Cape Cod was an incredible experience for me. It inspired me to schedule time to grow my expert witness business and I plan to attend more trainings in the future. My only regret is that I didn’t make the time to attend your training before. My husband plans to attend the training in the next few months after seeing how excited I am to invest my free time in building my business. You and Chip are impressive and it was an unforgettable experience for me at such a beautiful location. Hope to see you and your team soon.”

“Absolutely, this was one of the most practical seminars that I’ve attended. Looking forward to building this practice and seeing you again soon.”

“Thank you, Jim. I was thoroughly impressed by your level of preparation (you actually knew who you were speaking with) and by SEAK in general. I am definitely a fan. I take this endeavor seriously as much hangs in the balance for patients and physicians and am glad to have found a credible educator and support network. I will certainly take more advanced training with SEAK in the future and hope to count you, personally, among my support network if questions arise.”

“I really did learn a lot at the training and totally enjoyed having my rear end handed to me in class vs at my first significant depo or trial! I’m a big believer in taking training opportunities wherever I can get it. You and Chip did a great job!”

“The CV/resume exam segment was very useful. Like many in the audience, I will be working to improve mine!!”

“The entire conference was interesting & tons of good information.”

“Pearls of wisdom/experience [were] freely shared by presenters. I especially liked them saying what rate they recommend each type of expert charge (i.e. surgeon vs. engineer).”

“The speakers made each and every topic easy to learn and fun.”

“Very comprehensive for a two-day course.”

“Entertaining and thought provoking.”

“Provided me with a plethora of information and motivation.”

“I am scheduled to testify at a jury trial tomorrow. Looking forward to utilizing the new tools in my toolbox, especially active listening, and answering the actual question in a clear, relevant and concise manner. The service you provide as a vocation is impactful.”

“It was awesome Jim! Thank you. Your presentation style is engaging and informative. You are a teacher at heart!”

“It was, predictably, great training. I came away with a number of tips and initiatives I will be using. I don’t think there is anyplace else expert witnesses could get that kind of exposure and the resultant confidence building.”

“It was a fantastic class and well worth the money.”

“The interactions with the students really made a difference in the experience. It also energized me to up my game to the next level.”

“Jim, I’m glad I never had to encounter you as an opposing attorney, but this experience has made me more prepared for just that.”

“The speakers were engaging, with very good grasps of what needed to be taught, and did so in what I thought was a very effective way.”

“Absolutely fascinating, very relevant, extremely useful”

“I learned so much, got fired up and want to take the next level course”

“Outstanding – Jim is great. A very effective teacher.”

“Very helpful, full of practical tips”

“Very impressed. Very informative”

“I really enjoyed watching all the videos of expert (and other) testimony. It helped put a point on the discussion.”

“Judge Lawson and Mr. Mangraviti were fantastic; who knew lawyers could be funny!”

“Jim: I really enjoyed the course in Clearwater last February and have been quite successful at increasing my fees from $600 to $750 per hour and doubling, if not tripling my referrals.  I believe that revenue has grown from $75,000 in 2017 to $110,000 in the first half of 2018.  I am seeing an increasing number of word of mouth referrals.”

“Our session definitely gave me some great pearls to get me ready for it! Thank you.”

“It went great, and our session was very helpful.  The defense attorney did not ask me questions that were nearly as aggressive as some of the ones you asked me, and I’d say he was actually pretty poorly prepared.”

“Thank you! Your wise counsel was very helpful for this case and the same lessons on another opinion I had to get out. I am going to create a document to review containing all of your suggestion to check all future opinions against. I can imagine there will be other specific opinions I may need your assistance on. Always a pleasure working with SEAK.  I have found our relationship to be invaluable.”

“I learned a tremendous amount and look forward to future courses.”

“Treasure trove of real world, practical information.”

“Extremely helpful to my practice.”

“Loved it. Great information, very helpful.”


“Engaging, relevant, practical, friendly, comfortable.”

“Jim. You are a great teacher. The course was invaluable. I will be back for more.”

“The training exceeded all expectations. You were great!”

“I learned a tremendous amount from your presentation combined with the manual.”

“Jim, Best conference I have attended. Really respect your style, the substance of the program and how you demonstrated dep questions/answers through interactions and not just lecture. Thank you very much for a A+ rated experience.”

“The SEAK training was excellent and Jim was very informative and entertaining – the days flew right by – as a trainer myself I appreciate the value delivered for the time and money spent.”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful conference this weekend! I learned so much and look forward to taking another SEAK conference! You were a great teacher!”

“It was highly informative, I learnt a lot, phenomenal.”

“This [was my 3rd SEAK seminar], it’s incredible. Every expert needs this course.”

“I learned too much to list. I learned enough by 9:30 the first day that would have preventer my disaster at my first depo several months ago.”

“Greatly appreciate this teacher. Very responsive to questions and flexible with schedule and yet moved through the agenda on time. Masterful. Greatly appreciate sense of humor. Hilarious!”

“Great job – outstanding instructor, good use of class participation.”

“Jim is awesome. He’s funny and quick at the draw!”

“The SEAK [expert witness] training delivered by Jim was the best training I have ever received in anything. I recommend you to anyone who will listen.”

“Thank you many times for this part of my professional life which has thus far resulted in 55 legal cases.”

“Hi Jim, Hope all is well. Gonna toot my own horn a little — but any success, I owe entirely to you and SEAK!  I’ve been in trial all week for a blockbuster [patent case]. The partner of the retaining firm said it was the first time ever that one of his experts’ cross was so clean that no re-direct was needed. Thanks for all your great teaching.”

“Hi Jim, Wow!  4 hours of deposition!! I’m a rookie so I don’t know exactly how it feels to do well versus not doing well but I think I did really well. Your advice, over the phone and in the references from SEAK, made a huge difference in my abilities and overall effectiveness.”

“Hey Jim – The testimony I gave last week (civil trial) for plaintiff was well received. Both of plaintiff lawyers thought best expert testimony they had heard in 20 and 31 years respectively. So all your training and the SEAK books are bearing fruit!”

“First and foremost, as a first year attendee I have to tell you the conference was AMAZING!  I walked away with more real-world, directly applicable information that I thought was possible in a weekend.”

“Jim, Thanks for a great four days at the courses down in Clearwater. I learned a good amount but, most of all, enjoyed meeting you and seeing you in action!  You are obviously great at this stuff and have a knack for making the whole game fun, funny, engaging and interesting.  I don’t think I’ve sat through 4 days of lectures/sessions since medical school and even my wife was impressed that you all were able to keep me in the lecture hall for as long as you did.”

“I want to express my gratitude for these great courses.  I had only intended to attend the first course Thur/Fri How to start, build etc. and had brought all my bags to Fri class to go to the airport.  I realized at the course how important it was to get all the training I could up at the start to do the best job how many sinkholes there are to step into.  I rearranged plans.   I’d strongly advise anyone seeking to do this work to take this course EARLY on as it’s impossible not to make faux pas which may come to haunt you or miss opportunities you can’t see when you are establishing a reputation.”

“Great course with first rate teaching as usual.”

“I enjoyed the conference and learned a lot. It was informative and entertaining – which I think is the best way to learn!   I will definitely use what I learned during my upcoming court appearance and depositions.  Also, I will highly recommend your program.”

“Jim, I want to say again how fascinating and useful your and Judge Lawson’s performances were this past weekend.”

“Excellent in all regards”

“Fantastic program!”

“Informative and honest”



“Well created and presented”

“Good job. It is great to get practice in a safe place.”

“Great content, experience, engagement, humor”

“Great interaction with class”

“I enjoyed the contrasting demeanor of the presenters and their interaction”

“You’re all very personable, thanks!”

“Jim, Thank you very much for putting on such a great program.  We both learned a great deal and we are eager to embark in this new role of expert witnessing.  Anyways, thank you again for all your great teaching, advice, and encouragement!”

“Thank you for offering this course.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  You and the judge made it informative, helpful, challenging and entertaining, which keep our attention and made the hours speed by. The location was wonderful. Keep doing what you do. Thank you again!”

“Can’t tell you how the course fired me up. Been working all day getting my business together.”

“Nadine, the course was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. You and Dr. Parker have the rare gift of being able to explain all of the nuances and details of the process of preparing to be a successful expert witness.  I have already recommended and will continue to recommend this course to colleagues. Thanks again.”

“You’re awesome Nadine.  Thanks!”

“Thank you for the wonderful seminar.”

“Thank you, again, for conducting a lively and invigorating EW course along with Rich!  I am very inspired now to pursue developing an EW practice, and, I have not felt this inspired for a while!”

“Deeply experienced presenters”

“Excellent – all questions answered”

“Excellent – recommend to anyone”

“Excellent practical info”

“High yield professional seminar”

“Top notch!”

“Very informative”

“It was extremely high yield”

“I’d like to thank both of you Jim and Steve. I did a very good investment of my time by taking a total of about 30 days educations with you. (It might be that I got the record). I learned so much from you. As a result, I think that I have a return on investment of about 1,000X …..I have now a very good business, and I’m rejecting a lot of work. I don’t have time. This is good. Thanks “

“I [recently] had my first trial  – on a case involving a murder.  It was quite an interesting experience with 4.5 hours on the stand over two days Thanks to SEAK training, I felt very prepared and was confident on the stand with very positive feedback from retaining counsel.”

“I want to thank you for the great course on “How to Excel at Your Expert Witness Deposition” on 11/12-13 in Naples.  I appreciated how hard you worked to keep the course interesting and fast moving, and with lots of useful, practical tips on how to excel at depositions.  Excellent course.  I just finished reading thru the booklet you handed out, and find it to be a terrific resource.  I boiled it down to about 10 pages of key points that I will review before every depo I give in the future. Keep up the excellent work and look forward to participating in a SEAK course in the future.  I’ve taken 3 so far, and all have been excellent.”

“I just billed $50,000 for the trial in my patent case, making this case worth $85,000 to me.  They have also given me several other good cases.  I am happy to tell you that I reached my goal of billing over $200,000 this year (averaging around 100,000 the prior 3). Happy holidays, and thanks for everything you have done for me.”

“Dear Jim, I want to reiterate how grateful I am for all that I learned last month in Naples at the SEAK Conference.  It was high-yield, inspiring and fun as well.”

“Dear Jim and Steve:  Just wanted to let you know how valuable I found the two courses, How to Make More Money as a Expert Witness and How to Excel at Your Expert Witness Deposition.  You both did an excellent job in providing a wealth of information while making the course both interesting and entertaining.  Once again, thank you for going to the effort to put on an excellent four day program, I found every minute full of valuable information.”

“Jim, I really learned a great deal. You helped me with nuances that I could never have imagined. Your style of teaching puts the right edge on each of us to expose us to the rituals. I liked your expressions ‘christian and lions…telephone is best friend…no adult supervision…’ I look forward to taking expert testimony courses from SEAK in the future.”

“Since placing my standard listing earlier this year, I’ve  had several contacts citing the SEAK Expert Witness Directory and been hired by 3 in the past 2 months. In each case, I used a modified version of your retention agreement with retainer and fees set slightly above the mean for cardiology from your report, and not one of the lawyers has questioned them.  I am very grateful to all of the SEAK instructors (I think I’ve been to 5 SEAK courses, starting with the non-clinical careers course) for giving me the tools (which gave me the courage) to move forward in this field of expert witnessing.”

“Dear Jim & Steve, Thank you both for the extraordinary four days of SEAK Training in Naples. I learned so much & you are both fabulous educators! I really admire all the behind the scenes planning & work that went into making both programs I attended so valuable. I will look forward to seeing you both again in May for the SEAK Annual Meeting.”

“Jim and Steve, Thank you very much for your time and hard work over the past several days in Naples.  The seminars were informative and immediately relevant to my engineering practice, and will result in new and improved practices moving forward.  Looking forward to hopefully catching one of your seminars when you are in Clearwater next year.”

“Steve and Jim, Thanks for the class on making more money!  It was VERY helpful!”

“Steve-Thank you and Jim for a great conference. John and I are motivated to move forward with vigor.”

“Excellent job in giving practical things we can do!”

“Awesome! I will be coming back.”

“Very helpful info, validated I’m doing a number of things well, but also showed me areas/opportunities for improvement.”

“Great work, thank you!”

“You know your audience. Excellent job as always!”

“It was very informative.  Every time I’m able to find the time to attend [SEAK Training], I always make positive changes and new directions.”

“Jim, Thanks to you and Steve for an excellently executed program on How to Make More Money as an Expert Witness.  I left with more than four dozen concrete follow-up action items. I look forward to my ongoing relationship with SEAK.”

“Thanks to Steve and yourself for a very enlightening, motivating, and enjoyable program.”

“The depo training was superb; you are a very good teacher, Jim.  Take it from a former medical professor and invited-to-be-a law professor.”

“Thank you for what you do and thank you for helping me be the best that I can be as an expert witness.”

“Jim,  This was an excellent seminar.  Extremely well organized and engaging presentation.  I learned a great deal, but specifically came away knowing that I NEVER want to be deposed by you!!”

“Jim is an excellent instructor. Great command of the subject.”

“Excellent, intense but lighthearted”

“Instructor extremely knowledgeable and very slick. I hope I am never deposed by Mr. Mangraviti.”

“Very knowledgeable, lots of information, real life simulations”

“Excellent – very well taught by being interactive and using effective videos to illustrate a point.”

“Great work. I appreciated Jim’s earnest and honest effort. I truly felt that Jim was interested in my success.”

“One of the best presenters I’ve met since moving to USA”

“I am grateful to Jim to help make me the best I can be.”

“Excellent presentation, very realistic”

“Very effective teaching method”

“Hard to improve on this one, Nadine is great!”

“This was one of the best seminars I have attended.”

“A fabulous conference”

“Nadine is a dynamic, extremely capable speaker!”

“Great job. Amazing command of knowledge and insights”

“[Nadine was] eloquent, animated, [and] informed”


“Very well put together”




“Having not being a lawyer, this opened my spectrum to understand the whole process in its entirety”

“Great information”

“Exceptionally good”

“Excellent, helpful and insightful”


“The program was top notch. No improvements needed.”

“Great job!”

“Excellent presentation – going through CVs, websites was extremely helpful”

“The presenters were very knowledgeable about the material and were able to present it in an interactive way with attendees.”

“Great! Very practical. Likely to make me money”

“The class was outstanding! It was presented in such an easy to understand manner. Thank you again for a great class!”

“Unbelievable experience”

“Absolutely amazing.”

“A great learning experience presented with real world examples”

“I believe the seminar was truly impressive and very informative”

“Fabulous! Interesting, stimulating, very effective”

“Great seminar. The instructors shared several “real life” scenarios to put things in perspective and to help you avoid common mistakes.”

“Great course.  You and the judge made a great team.  If I was looking for a pearl or two, I got a necklace.  Thanks again.”

“Well worth the time and money.”

“Thank you for the great conference.  I found it very helpful and packed with useful information.   You and the Judge had a great ability to connect with the group and this really made everything entertaining.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar.  I have already been touting SEAK to some of my partners. Thanks again for the info and entertainment. I never want to meet you in court!”

“Jim was very entertaining.”

“Very informative”

“Jim is fabulous and fun. Chip – great practical help.”

“Jim and Chip were very engaging and welcoming. They worked well together and I enjoyed their sense of humor. Great job!”

“Every part of the seminar was critical”

“Very well organized, very practical advice”

“It was great, you two guys were great…. have you two thought of putting together a stand-up comedy act? I was VERY impressed how you had gone over every single participant’s sample report or deposition transcript in so much detail.”

“Jim,  The program was outstanding! Both you are Judge are very knowledgable and are excellent teachers. The interactive program, the clips, etc were fabulous. The flow of the seminar was terrific! A+ to you both and SEAK.”

“The course was fantastic.”

“Thanks Jim. Great sessions. I will encourage my associates to also attend. The judge was also very impressive. A tremendous amount of valuable information – well worth the investment. Also discussions with other participants was valuable and I made several good contacts. Fantastic!”

“Hi Jim, Can’t say enough about how great the conference was.  Having Judge Lawson there was just incredible.  How else can you get an education from a judge on the do’s and don’ts of how to do this stuff. Top notch information, entertaining delivery, and valuable insights. Terrific presentation, never a dull movement – particularly with the lingering threat of being called upon for a demonstration!”

“I have been very successful and SEAK has been a significant factor in my success as an Expert Witness.”

“Jim, Thanks for giving such an excellent presentation.  You definitely have a flair for the dramatic and are a gifted presenter.  Not having experience with the format of a lawsuit, and especially with trial, I found learning about direct and cross examination particularly helpful.  Also, and perhaps the most important, I learned that I am there to defend my opinion, not that of either side.  One naturally wants to help the side that retains one, particularly if it is the defense, so that understanding that what is most important and believable is to advocate for one’s opinions and conceding some points to opposing counsel.”

“Thank you for a wonderful seminar, which was both highly informative and enjoyable. I am sure that the valuable lessons learned will be very helpful to me in the future, and I look forward to attending upcoming SEAK conferences.”

“Jim, I truly enjoyed myself at your course this weekend. You and Judge Lawson are both great orators have great teaching styles. I loved all the vignettes that you both had. I am glad that you have left “active duty” and have taken to training, teaching and coaching. I wouldn’t want to have to face you in a real witness stand, but now I feel more confident when I have to face some of your colleagues!”

“Jim, Thank you for sharing your time and experience. I appreciate you and Judge Lawson sharing your knowledge.”

“I found the training to be worthwhile, educational, fascinating, and fun.”

“Excellent! Well thought out, taught by extremely talented people. Experts.”

“Superb, wealth of knowledge, great teaching style.”

“Outstanding, riveting. Despite the long hours, there was never a dull or uninformative moment.”

“Very good with engaging, experienced, articulate speaking.”

“Very helpful, insightful and great examples.”

“Love Jim and the Judge – outstanding.”

“The impromptu questions of Mr. Mangraviti of the participants were very effective.”

“James was exactly like the worst prosecutor I have faced and it was perfect.”

“Great work. Love Jim’s wit, sarcasm, examples. Judge Lawson was very warm, relatable.”

“Jim – you do a great job at learning the student and making the course personalized.”

“Excellent educational tool.”

“Great seminar”

“Well done”

“Excellent. Nadine is a very effective teacher”

“It was excellent, informative and useful”

“Very interactive and informative”

“Really outstanding”

“I found Ms. Donovan’s ‘pearls’ in response to questions especially helpful”

“Nadine is an outstanding presenter!”

“Nadine was excellent and dynamic”

“Nadine was simply stellar throughout.”

“Nadine is an excellent presenter – real work examples really helped drive her point’s home. Even maintained her composer with my frequent opinions. Personable. Judiciously funny.”

“Nadine is superb.”

“Let me also take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the courses –learned a lot, and laughed quite a bit to boot, my favorite combination.”

“Nadine, Thank you for a compelling conference.  I was very impressed with your command of the room.  I’m glad you’re not plaintiff’s attorney!”

“Nadine is an electrifying speaker.”

“Thank you so much for the education and empowerment.  I hope to take further classes in the future.”

“You were a fantastic teacher—dynamic, engaging and succinct.  I learned so much.”

“I believe the consulting work with you last year has paid off.  Last year my income doubled  and if my current business continues, I could be on pace to double again what I did last year.  Good numbers.  Thanks.”

“Dear Ms. Donovan and Mr. Mangraviti, I thoroughly enjoyed your recent seminar in San Diego, and decided to list my services with SEAK in your directory.  That was on January 24 and I think my listing took about a week to finalize.  Today is February 5th and I am pleased to report to you that I have been contacted three times since then (twice yesterday!) to retain my services.  I am needless to say very impressed and I have already been paid more than my annual fee for my listing. Thanks again for all your information.  I’ll be back!”

“This weekend’s Conferences were absolutely outstanding!  Each day was worth the whole 4-day cost in terms of value.  And Jim as a presenter is something really special (Nadine’s wonderful as well).”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminars. You and Nadine were engaging instructors. I have a ton of takeaways. I’ll likely be calling you in the future for personal assistance.”

“Jim, I wanted to thank you personally and directly for the most valuable and productive four days of growth in my 35-year professional career.  Not only was the content important, thorough, and effectively presented, you made it so much fun.  Going into the course I expressed concern to my wife that I didn’t know if I was going to be able to stay awake for an entire day, let alone four.  Your clarity, pacing, and style made it both enriching and entertaining.  Keep it up!  You’re doing great work.  I spent today updating my resume and website, and even re-worked and resubmitted a recent article I published (although I know I can’t “unring the bell” from the original publication); all changes to reduce the vulnerabilities in my CV and advertising … although I’m sure you could still figure out a way to take me down on cross.”

“Thank you both! You both are incredibly talented attorneys. I am very thankful I took your two day course. I learned a great deal in such a short time. You’ve motivated me to raise my game to a higher level and I truly appreciate that. I promise to work hard and start reading all of your books. The next time I attend I want the both of you to be proud of my progress.”

“Although I have many years of surveys and investigations of complaints of healthcare facilities I have yet to begin an expert witness practice, but I found your courses invaluable. I would recommend your courses to anyone entering or already in this field.”

“Dear Jim and Nadine:  The course was really incredible.  After doing this for 30 years, I was given so much insight and had confirmed many things I already learned over the years in the “combat zone” of the deposition/trial experience.  I wish I had been able to attend it earlier in my career. I would recommend it to anyone contemplating adding this work to their professional life.  I would also urge anyone who has some experience already to fine tune their abilities and develop more confidence in your excellent, insightful, humorous classroom experience.  Involving us all in the process to illustrate your teaching points was an excellent and safe way to drive home the important points of your presentations.  It is an invaluable experience.”

“Thank you both- I learned a tremendous amount of new skills and you gave me much to think about.”

“Hi Jim, I want to thank you and Nadine for an incredible 2 days of learning.  I have just signed up for How to be an Effective Medical Witness in Clearwater Beach this Feb.  I look forward to seeing you there.”

“I’m glad I came for the four days as it was an eye opener.  If my cases move to deposition, I will want to have some coaching for sure.  In regards to growing the business, I am going to digest everything we covered, and the resources I’ve ordered.  I’ve made my CV changes that you and Nadine pointed out.  It certainly looks a lot cleaner now.”

“Dear Jim and Nadine: Your course was great! I was so energized by the participants, the interchange of ideas and techniques and of course how applicable it was to my intention to make a major expansion into [my] expert witness work.”

“Thank you for such a great conference – you both do an excellent job.”

“Dear Jim and Nadine: I just wanted to thank you again for two great courses in San Diego.  I really enjoyed meeting both of you as well as John and I learned a great deal from all of you.  Having gotten my feet wet with a few cases, I felt like I needed some training to help me improve my knowledge base and skills as an expert witness.  After attending your courses, I really feel like I’ve got the building blocks to not only market myself better, but to take my expert witness practice to another level.  Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.”

“It was a great two days. Thank you!”

“Jim & Nadine, The training session in San Diego was my first personal experience with your organization.  I must say that I am very impressed with your material and even more so  with the talents that you each possess.  I look forward to future training in the coming year.  In the mean time I have purchased a number of your educational materials and I have signed up for your registry to market my business.  I pray to survive better in the next round of interrogation by either of you. God Bless you both.”

“The conference was terrific- the time passed by so fast! I love the way you and Jim “used” the attendees to illustrate your points- it was all done with the best of humor too.”

“Jim, You don’t know how much I learn from you and your colleagues and consider you a GREAT teacher.  I am betting on SEAK to get me where I need to be.”

“Jim and Nadine, Thank YOU for the course!  Your background, expertise and approach to the class made it VERY worthwhile!  I fully intend on using the comments provided and experience to make myself a better expert witness!  I look forward to kicking the “other side’s” butt with the skills I was taught, and will certainly recommend your courses to others in the field!”

“Jim and Nadine, It was nice to meet both of you last week. Your training, critics, suggestions, and comments were most helpful. (Jim – thank you for your comments regarding my CV). I look forward to attending another one of your SEAK training sessions in the near future.”

“I want to thank you for a phenomenal conference last week in San Diego. It was exactly what I needed to find direction in my practice and career.”

“I have been to two of your seminars and have found them to be incredibly helpful.”

“I’d like to thank you and Jim for the excellent course on marketing the expert witness practice this week in Naples. As usual with your courses, I came away with scores of ideas, and am developing an action plan to implement them.”

“It was the best seminar I’ve actually been to in years.   I’ve already recommended highly to two other [experts].”

“Naples was my third SEAK class. As I stated in class, each session has proved exceptionally valuable in a very short period of time.”

“Dear Jim, Thank you for an amazing two days of teaching over the weekend‎, as well as the great conference arrangement’s and Nancy’s warm, helpful touch. I will be calling your office this week to find a time I can schedule a follow up consultation with you or a colleague.”

“Jim, As I stated to you, your weekend course was FANTASTIC! I had a wonderful time, learned a bunch of important stuff and your presentation was awesome! THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge!”

“Jim, The powerful presentation coupled with your unique personality made the experience both incredibly professionally beneficial an lots of fun at others expense, thankfully not mine on this go round. I look forward to my next seminar and hope to put my new skills learned in Naples to use as soon as possible.”

“Jim, It was definitely worth it. My two really big take aways were: 1. I have been severely undervaluing my services as an expert witness, and 2. I have a completely different appreciation of the impact I can have on a case during deposition. Thank you for your insights…oh yeah, and LISTEN!!!”

“Jim, Your teaching skills are fun, captivating, and very impressive.  I so much enjoyed being with you and honing further my deposition skills.”

“Dear Jim: I found the course to be educational and entertaining in equal measure. And as a pleasant side effect, I met so many other interesting people in diverse fields!”

“Jim, Thank YOU. Your class was great. I wished I had this level of training 23 years ago. It would have been extremely helpful in my career. But, now is the time. God willing, I’ll see you in January.”

“Nice Job. Polished presentation skills. In last 15 years have taught over 10k people and it’s fun to watch Jim perform his craft (respectful, professional, alert, works the room, well spoken).”

“Jim is one of the most enjoyable presenters I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.”

“I have received a number of referrals from your expert witness listing; the most recent was today.  I believe I mentioned to you previously that after attending your session in Naples in 2011 and applying your suggestions concerning report writing, testimony, retention agreement and billing; my income literally doubled within a few months. I have referred a number of my colleagues to your training but most of them are convinced they know everything and don’t need any more help-they’re wrong but that is not my problem.”

“Since I attended your SEAK course 2 summers ago on Cape Cod, I have been a Wound Nurse Expert Witness for 18 cases!!!  I Love ending my career this way!!!  Thank you!!”

“Hey Jim, Just wanted to let you know I had my first deposition last month in a forensic court case I am involved with for my company. I tried to focus on all the things you discussed in your class last fall, and in your book, ‘How to Excel at Depositions’, with Babitsky. Our attorney let me know afterward when I asked for feedback that he felt I did a great job. He says I am a great expert witness (his words not mine). Not sure if it’s going to settle but wanted to let you know that the experience has given me confidence, due in large part to your SEAK training program at the Cape.”

“Jim, I’m quite busy thanks to the great education that I got from you. I took with SEAK over 30 full days of workshops, seminar, and conferences.  I learned quite a bit, and this knowledge is a great value for me.  I heard from you and from Steve how to be bulletproof yourself. I’m following your instructions in great detail. This simply works. I can see the type of cases that I’m getting compared to the type of cases that others are getting. You taught me good lessons on how to build a great business, and it simply works. Thanks a LOT !!!”

“Jim and Nadine,  I just want to thank you both for the incredible presentations.  I have read your books but the dialogue and thought provoking questions helped me understand the role of expert and performance expectations.  The interrogations were fun and painful which is as it should be.  Thanks again for the exceptional expert programming.  All the best.”

“It was amazing, after the deposition segment during this past years’ DC conference, I was deposed and it was night and day. I was hitting the balls out of the park.”

“Jim, I recently completed my third trial.  I got some nice comments from one of the national litigators at the insurance firm defending the claim.  All of this, especially turning the tables during cross-examination, came directly out of the SEAK playbook.  I encouraged all the other experts on the case to take advantage of SEAK’s offerings.”

“Having spent decades in my 30 years in the field providing conference and workshop training, I have to say that the SEAK programs are one of the best put together programs with the most “bang for the buck” I have seen in my travels. The quality instruction you provide really cuts the learning curve for expert witnesses. Anyone considering getting into the expert witnessing field should have this training early on! Thanks again to you, Jim and Nadine for a great four days.”

“Presenters were excellent, dynamic, and engaging.”

“One of the best conferences I’ve ever been to!”

“Very informative. I’m ready to go to work at being an expert witness. I have a lot to learn, and I’m ready to start learning, thank you.”

“Nadine is awesome! Witty, smart, tough, engaging”

“Awesome! The best, more entertaining, informative and useful seminar I have ever attended. Essential information for the serious and credible expert.  Should be a prerequisite for all experts.”

“On the way home I wrote 8 full yellow-pad pages of action items from your class!  It’ll probably take me a year to implement them!”

“Amazing job!  That was the best conference I have ever attended!  (And being a doctor for 29 years, I have attended and spoken at a LOT of conferences.)”

“Nadine, Thank you.  Without a doubt the best training I’ve had in preparing myself for being an expert on the stand.  Your class was my first SEAK training, and I’ll be back to more SEAK courses. I appreciate the legal background and experience you bring to teaching your class. I appreciate your support, and I hope to truly be a good objective, truthful, prepared witness.  I will certainly be much better because of the training I’ve had the last few days. I hope you have a great day and thank you again for sharing your experience and skill with us.”

“Thanks Steve. This was the first time that I have attended the conference despite my being involved in litigation support for over 20 years and having served as an expert witness now for over 10 years… There was a notable number of things that I either did not know or had not focused on. I think that the best gauge of value is that I am making a number of improvements to my most current expert report based on what I took away from the conference. Thank you!”

“Thanks to your training, my advertising on SEAK, and some persistence on my part, my medicolegal practice has doubled in the past 18 months. Using the principles in your seminars and your report-writing book, my expert reports generally blow away the other side, resulting in prompt and favorable settlements.  The ones that don’t settle after my reports almost always settle after deposition.”

“Conference was terrific. Added very useful information to my Expert career. Looking forward to seeing you all in future conferences!”

“Thank you for the massive effort that went into the SEAK Conference! It was AWESOME!! I look forward to next year and working with you guys in the meantime!”

“The SEAK conference on testifying was outstanding. Hearing from judges, as well as seasoned attorneys and other experts was invaluable.  Thank you for providing this experience.”

“It was my first experience with SEAK and have heard great things. Every speaker was excellent and informative and helped my practice. I am looking forward to implementing some of the strategies I learned!”

“It was awesome. VERY well done to all faculty.  I attended Saturday/Sunday and was, as usual, really impressed with the material and picked-up a lot of additional “tips” – truthfully the quantity of information was a little overwhelming for me. Thanks and see you again!”

“Hello Nadine, Your one-hour presentation on Sunday was outstanding and it was one of the highlights of the conference.  I didn’t attend your pre-conference program, but I heard from one of the attendees that you “killed” it and knocked it out of the park! I will make certain to put it on my bucket list in the future.”

“Excellent, all of the speakers were outstanding, and I picked up tips I will use from each one of them!”

“Another A+ seminar from SEAK. The gold standard in expert witness training.”

“I have attended three separate SEAK events (two during the same week/weekend) and have benefitted greatly from all three. As you know, Jimmy is a winner.”

“I am currently billing about 30-40 hours per month at $500/hour.  I credit attending your courses with motivating me and giving me the tools to more than double my annual revenue!”

“Jim, I just finished trial testimony as an expert witness in Minneapolis. The attorneys and client were quite pleased and impressed and I realized how much of my performance today was guided and informed by the principles and ideals I was taught by SEAK.  My forensics interest is growing  (I may actually  need to refuse some reviews soon due to overload) and I believe that you and your colleagues  (but especially you) had a big part in that growth – both in my training as well as that of my wife Jill who acts as my assistant.”

“My expert witness skills have improved logarithmically since your workshop 2 years ago.”

“There is no doubt at all that your material bullet proofed me for my one-and-a-half days cross examination or if not entirely ‘proofed’ then I definitely went into the witness box feeling I CAN DO THE JOB that is the feeling you gave me.  Thank you so much.”

“SEAK trained experts know how to write a report, and will have the documents and information that most states, and the Federal Courts, require in expert disclosures, such as up-to-date CVs, lists of testimony, and publications.  They also are more likely to know how to handle themselves in depositions and at trial.  SEAK trained experts certainly are interested in improving their expert witness skills, are receptive to tips and coaching in that regard.   Many experts who have not had SEAK training are difficult to deal with.  They think that they know it all.  But as we lawyers know, just because you are an expert in your field, does not meant that you can expertly handle yourself in a deposition or in the courtroom.”

“[Your expert witness] conference helped me launch my business so ‘thank-you’ for providing such a great service.”

“I recently had my first deposition since attending your class.  I feel my performance was much better having attended your session.  I wrote my report with a more critical eye than before, identified weaknesses prior to my prep session with counsel and kept a focus on my posture and appearance. I’ve recommended your session to my colleagues ever since I attended and will do so with more frequency and emphasis now.”

“As I have recently testified in my 5,000th expert witness case, I thought of you and how you and your group was so instrumental in helping me achieve this milestone.  Having such a long running expert witness practice is due in large measure to the insight and inspiration from SEAK; and I foresee no end in sight.”

“I owe a considerable round of applause to you and Steve and “the Judge” for the high-powered compliments I got from both Federal and State luminaries and students for my performance as an expert @ Harvard Law School’s Trial Advocacy Moot Court yesterday;-)”

“More helpful than any other training I’ve ever received, I think due in large part that it was so engaging and packed with great examples.”

“Eye opening, frank, and utterly essential.  No pulled punches.”

“The training course with you and [The Judge] last week was fantastic.”

“The witness work I became involved with in April of last year has been a STEEP learning curve……and your material has helped tremendously!”

“I have found the specific topic trainings thru SEAK to be golden.  SEAK really helps shorten the learning curve.”

“Incredible presenters.”

“This was a fantastic, top-notch seminar.”

“Exceptional seminar. I attend continuing ed seminars regularly and this seminar was beyond all of those. It seemed that every word was productive.”

“Well worth the cost and personal time”

“This was a fantastic, top-notch seminar”

“The training was fantastic, and I will absolutely be attending future SEAK trainings. I also very much enjoy the books I have read of yours so far, and I intend to buy and read more of your books in the future. ”

“That was a fantastic course and I look forward to others in the future.”

“I found the program EXTREMELY useful.”

“An excellent course.  I only wish I had taken it years ago.”

“I wanted to thank you once again for the impact that your seminar has had on my career.  In the 5 years before the seminar, I was doing an average of  30 cases a year.  So far in 2014, I have done 60, and charging more than double what I did before the seminar.”

“Jim:  Hi.  I recently attended the SEAK Expert Witness Conference in Orlando. I just participated as an expert in a large ($170+ million) verdict case.  I bring this up not for a pat on the shoulder but because I found the Orlando Conference so useful. Thanks for the training.  I have attended about five of your prior ones and each one is helpful and reminds me of why I do this.”

“The most practical training I’ve ever attended”

“Career altering”

“This was my first expert witness training and loved every minute of it.  The biggest thing I learned is that I need to go to more trainings in the future. See you in September at the training in Cape Cod.”

“It was great!  I am starting to review the notes and syllabus.  The amount of excellent information is almost overwhelming.”

“The seminar was fantastic and Nadine was awesome! I plan to attend other seminars in the near future..!”

“As usual, SEAK put on a quality seminar.  This is my 6th or 7th annual seminar and I learn something valuable each time and make wonderful connections. Thanks for making sure that it is first rate each time. I know that this doesn’t happen by chance.”

“Thank you for such awesome training.  I learned so much.  A friend recommended the training and I’m so glad I came.  See you next time.”

“Thank you ever so much for the fabulous training!! It was awesome and I will definitely be back!!:))”

“I can assure you I came away from your seminar with great insights and knowledge.  I thank you for your time, energy, and humor in making difficult material and situations understandable and applicable.”

“I found the seminar to be very educational and helpful.  I have been doing expert witness work for almost 30 years and I still find new things to learn in order to do my work more effectively.  Thank you for keeping the seminar on schedule and interesting.”

“For one like me, just getting started in the expert witness business, the conference was VERY beneficial.  Thanks for putting it on. I anticipate attending many more of SEAK’s training in the future.”

“I’ve been to other forensic legal training seminars before.  A good analogy is that other seminar seek to instill fear, doubt, and an unhealthy level of paranoia into experts about the trial and deposition process.  Your seminar brings back the love.  Properly equipped experts can bring back clarity to the court room to the benefit of all.”

“It was a great conference and it was well worth my time and money to spend the weekend with SEAK.”

“The conference was fantastic as expected with a great line-up of outside speakers.”

“I thought the Conference was excellent – well-run and a huge amount of useful info – great speakers.”

“You Rock!  Another excellent training [program].”

“The [Expert Witness] Masters Program was in a word “outstanding”.  I took more notes during the two day sessions than I have over the past 45 years attending various conferences around the world.”

“Steve…..THANK YOU so much.  Your course has changed my life with regard to deposition testimony.”

“Thanks for the great work you do.  I want to thank you personally for making it possible for a novice like me to start an expert witness practice from nothing. I attended the SEAK seminar last April in Chicago, and read your Guide Book.  When I got my first call, I followed the SEAK recommendations, and I was accepted right away. My first case settled favorably, I’ve submitted an expert report in my second case, and my third case is in the early stages of discovery.  By following your program, I have gained confidence and credibility that may have taken years in other circumstances.   Thanks again for being such a powerful resource.”

“I wanted to let you know that the deposition on Friday went well.  It was grueling, four hours, but the attorneys that retained me said I did a very good job.  I owe it to you!”

“The conference you directed was absolutely the best conference I have been to in many years, with a huge amount of practical, take-home information. Please feel free to use me as a reference, or if you need a testimonial, I’m very happy to provide one.”

“Hi Jim, Just wanted to give you my impressions of the session.  You are truly a gifted teacher –smart, funny and no BS.  I was very proud of you and proud to be associated with you.”

“I really enjoyed the training program on Depositions this past weekend in San Diego. [It] was excellent and well worth the time and money. I found the combination of role playing, video presentations, and a well written workbook to be the perfect combination for learning to excel as an expert witness.”

“Jim, you were great! I wish I would have taken your course when I first started out testifying 34 years ago…Thanks again!”

“One of the best professional seminars I have ever taken.  I just wish I had taken it 10 years earlier.”

“Thank you, it was very informative and I still have thoughts running through my head about all the information I learned.  I will certainly return for more SEAK training in the future.”

“Thanks for creating such a course and formulating a workable action plan and guideline to proceed down the road.”

“Jim, it was a great conference and I am much more confident about diving in on this now with a new contract and the ability to anticipate the major pitfalls in this work.  Give my best to Terry and Nadine for the great job they did.”

“Thank you Jim, Terry and Nadine. I feel like the three of you have saved my career as an expert. I was making many mistakes in advertising and in testimony. It will take me weeks to implement everything that you taught and everything that is in the manuals.  Please accept my heartiest thanks.”

“Instruction not available from other sources.”

“Had I left after [only] 30 minutes what I took away would have justified the tuition.”

“I was impressed with your command of many different subject areas which allowed you to probe that subject in depth, whether medical, construction, police, etc. And even religion; you used the right vernacular when probing my potential religious bias. Not only am I more confident in my abilities for expert witness work but I learned some new potential problem areas and how to deal with them. Thanks again to you and your crew.”

“The course experience was great and I will recommend it to my colleagues, as well as the neurology residents I teach. I came home Sunday night and made revisions on a report in progress incorporating your suggestions.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the two days I spent attending “How to Excel at Your Expert Witness Deposition.” I consider myself to be extremely lucky that my schedule broke free at the last minute and I was able to attend. Your training class was fantastic.”

“I have never in my life paid to go to a seminar and absolutely believe I got my money’s worth and more through the training.”

“Jim, I was pretty much blown away by discovering this whole new world of Expert Witnessing! You and Terry have done an exceptional job during both courses. I look forward to exploring this further and relying on your vast expertise for support.”

“Thank you for the work you do.  Others might write the book and then delegate the platform time to others.  I know the difference, and I am grateful for your personal energy.  Thanks again for your personal involvement, and your incredible attention to detail in producing the SEAK education and training materials.”

“I have taken several of SEAK’s seminars, and have learned a lot every time.  If you do expert witness work, or are interested in doing so, their seminars will be invaluable to you. I also highly recommend their books.”

“Thank you so much for your efforts to train all of us during your workshop. I think the training has the potential to be life changing for me. I feel I have gained more self respect for the amount of expertise and knowledge that I possess. I believe that I now project more confidence and calmness following the training.”

“I can’t thank you enough for all that you and Seak have done for me.  It has made me a better physician by forcing me to keep up with the literature.  And I really feel good about what I have been able to do for doctors and patients alike. Over the past few years since I started going to Seak conferences, I have been doing about 12-16 cases a year, 50/50 plaintiff/defense, and earning 100K a year. With declining reimbursements, this has helped me immensely.”

“I truly enjoyed the expert witness course I just attended in Falmouth. It was one of the most interesting conferences I have attended in my many years of going to educational conferences. Jim and the Judge were awesome.”

“I am doing very well with this work and was forced to raise my rates to $750/hr as I was running out of time to do this, and was hoping that this would slow some work down. Well it hasn’t significantly slowed and I still have a ton of work at this rate, which means I may have to consider raising them again so that I will have at least some free time. Not a bad problem to have! Thank you sir for all of your help in getting me started!”

“I just finished up a deposition earlier today, and wanted to thank you for your recent advice. I used this advice, and at the end of the dep, the attorney I am working for said “great job.” Hope our paths cross again in the near future.”

“I had my first video depo a few weeks ago and the attorney said I was the best and most prepared expert she had ever seen. So, I told her about SEAK and your services/conferences. She was very eager to take the information down and was quite interested in learning more about SEAK. Thanks again!”

“Your new book [on deposition preparation] is fabulous!  I am learning so much from reading it. Thanks for all you & Jim do for us experts in the field!”

“Attending the annual SEAK conference was like adding a turbocharger to my expert witness practice. The speakers were superb, the knowledge gained was priceless, and the networking opened up many new opportunities. Congrats!”

“The training on depositions was brilliant and your experiential presentation style was very engaging.  This has been one of the most informative seminars I have attended in a professional setting. I learned a lot and I am actually excited to improve by applying many of the tools learned in the session.”

“This weekend, my first exposure to SEAK, was extremely positive. [Over my 30 year career] I have attended an enormous amount of clinics and conferences. Yours was the greatest one I attended in many years. The organization, presenters, the course materials were extremely professional and provided serious educational content. I look forward to attending the classes in Massachusetts this September.”

“Thanks to both of you for giving us 110% of your energy and knowledge and hosting a remarkable two day seminar. It was highly enjoyable and very informative and we all got more in return than the cost of our tuition. I picked up so many powerful ideas that I am confident will help me turbocharge my Expert Witness portion of my practice. I have no interest in reinventing the wheel when I have SEAK in my corner. I’ll look forward to seeing you again at future SEAK programs! You guys are the best.”

“Thank you for an incredible experience! You and I had never met, and yet you provided me with a personal experience similar to mentors and colleagues that I have known for years. After experencing a 2 day seminar with you and Terry Baker, I believe that I can start and build a successful expert witness practice. I have a lot of work to do to get prepared, and I know I will need more of your seminars, and your advice, to advance.Thanks again for your personal attention and genuine caring attitude.”

“I did great in the deposition yesterday [which you prepped me for]. I’m so excited.  I couldn’t be happier, this is really working for me. Thank you!”

“I’d love to participate [in your upcoming expert witness training], but unfortunately I can’t.  I learned from you so much, that I have a different problem now. I don’t have time. Thanks a lot for all.”

“I do not know how I would have proceeded with starting an expert witness practice if I hadn’t found your group. All of your and Jim’s materials, starting with the retention agreement, are dead on and have permitted me to start a practice that I hope will grow over the next few years. Thanks for providing that service to me.”

“Thought I would give you an update and let you know how useful [your] training was.  Your classes and prep work were a great help.  That gave me the foundation, confidence, and foreknowledge of expected tactics to be far more effective than had I gone in there with just technical knowledge.  I largely enjoy[ed] the cross. The [retaining] lawyers were very happy with my testimony  – comment from one was couldn’t believe they have not been using me before.  Your classes and prep really gave me the poise I needed to handle and largely enjoy the cross.”

“I was the expert [in a high profile case] in November. The jury believed me and gave the family a $27.5 million verdict!  Thanks for all your good training!”

“I did the deposition on the 4th, and I did get some feedback today from [retaining counsel]. He was very pleased, and I think almost thrilled with the way things went. So I thank you all very much, [our prep session] was well worth it.”

“Since you coached me, a year or so ago, I have received about 20 Assignments in 5 States. So, my referral network is building and my experience is developing , with excellent reports and results.”

“Clear, concise, no-nonsense, practical and informative. I am very glad to have taken this course prior to accepting my first expert witness casework.”

“I would like to thank you for the incredibly helpful workshop you offered last weekend. It was the best investment I have made in my career.  I am planning on attending your trial testimony workshop in January 2013 in San Francisco, to further sharpen my skills. I look forward to seeing you both! Thank you, again, for giving me something priceless.”

“Your help was great; prep was very useful; After the depo, the retaining attorney talked to me for a while and said that it went real good and commented on my memory and organization; there were no errors or “clean up” issues after the depo.  Thanks again; it is money well spent.”

“The James J. Mangraviti presentation was a great success. Everyone loved him, he is a superb speaker.”

“I am tremendously more confident in my expert work thanks to your input, books, seminars and materials. Retaining counsel often give compliments on my reports and discussions, and I tell them I learned it all at SEAK.”

“Your conference I attended last year just helped me make a jury realize they needed to find that a Family Physician was not responsible for a patient’s death. I rocked at trial. The court reporter happened to be eating lunch in the same place we were after my testimony and she touched me on my shoulder in line and said you did amazing. My only second trial testimony. Thank You.”

“I bragged about you guys to an expert witness group last evening. I recommended that they all attend your seminars!”

“I got another call yesterday from your database. Listing with you guys is possibly the most successful thing that I have ever done for marketing. Keep up the good work.”

“Although I was a little skeptical when I retained you to assist me in building an expert witness practice, I was very pleasantly surprised with the care and attention you have given me throughout this process. You have helped me get my forensic practice off to a great start, have been a pleasure to deal with, and your guidance has helped me avoid several potentially major business mistakes as well as stay on task and in motion forward. Part consultant, part therapist, you’ve been there for me throughout, helping me think through several pivotal professional decisions. In short, the entire experience has been extremely helpful, and your guidance has been invaluable. I don’t know what I would have done without you through this process. I am forever indebted! And if anyone would ever want to talk about my experience one-on-one, please have them call me!”

“Thank you again ever so much [for your prep] on the [recent] case – the lawyer thinks I’m brilliant and I owe you tremendous credit for that!”

“I recently had a depo in FL and it went so well that the lawyer thought I had been doing them for years. I told him no, just good training from SEAK.”

“I would like to sincerely thank you for all that you have done to help improve my professional presence in the courtroom, to be more confident while testifying, and to actually enjoy doing it.

“Steve, without knowing you, knowing SEAK, and going to all the conferences that I have attended with your firm for expert witness training, and without your “one-on-one” training, this case would not have ended the way it eventually did. Whenever I get a chance, I recommend SEAK and particularly recommend you and Mr. Mangraviti. In addition, you have really helped in the way you trained my office assistant at the assistants course in Chicago.”

“I look forward to seeing you at your fall meeting. Thank you once more.”

“My (3) SEAK reference books have been essentials for the expert witness work I have done.”

“I wish to express my satisfaction to both Jim and Judge Chernoff for the exceptionally fine presentation this past Friday & Saturday, at FEWA here in Las Vegas. I’ve already changed my profile online and have put the sample report with Jim’s input on file for the next time I write an expert report. I have been providing expert testimony for nineteen years now. Wish I had the advantage of what I learned in two days from Jim & the Judge in all my depositions, trial testimony & reports over all those years. Can’t thank you enough”

“I have not done any other advertising or marketing other than the [SEAK] directory. Just off the SEAK directory, I have been retained in Ohio, Idaho and West Virginia. Just got a call last week on a case in Kansas City, MO and waiting for attorney to send me synopsis of case – found my name in the directory. So, from my perspective, and in terms of the Gen X’ers – you guys Rock!”

“Retaining counsel said based primarily on my report, all 4 cases were settled… Retaining counsel is highly pleased. Your experience and critique of my report was pivotal to this outcome. Thanks again.”

“Thanks for all your great educational material and conferences. It has paid for my kids to go to college.”

“The best preparation for cross examination as a testifying expert witness I have found is SEAK’s DVD by Mangraviti “The Most Difficult Questions for Experts.” I review it prior to each court appearance. “

“I must tell you the SEAK seminars on expert witness were excellent. The information obtained has already been put to good use in my office. Attorney Jim Mangraviti, Dr. Baker, and the Judge were excellent instructors. A real eye opener.”

“You and your company should be commended on presenting an educational and enjoyable program. It was first rate in every respect and certainly of great use as I go forward.”

“Your’s was one of the best courses in which I have ever participated and that covers a lot of territory in my 40 years of practice! I can’t wait to put the ideas and strategies into place. I will be in touch! Many thanks.”

“Thanks for a great job at the SEAK conference in Naples last week on “How to Start, Build, and Run a Successful Expert Witness Practice.” You both clearly know what you are doing, and communicated good ideas clearly.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to again thank you for a really great experience at the Expert Medical Witness course in Naples. In addition to the tremendous preparation you obviously put into it, your skill at being present and in the moment at all times was astonishing and reminded me of the unique talents of a Landmark Forum leader. I will enthusiastically recommend this course to my colleagues and look forward to pursuing a similar seminar with SEAK down the road.”

“I hate to tell you this but I have had several calls after the directory issued. I guess your methods work. You are the only company that has provided any contacts as a result of a program like yours.”

“I had 8 cases generated from my SEAK Directory listing last year and one already this year. Thanks to your ‘fine’ reputation, I am ‘tap dancing’ with legal cases. Thank you Alex. Should you need a reference to other experts, let me know.”

“Thanks again Jim. I have all the business I can handle now, both for defense and plaintiffs. I’ve now reviewed over 130 cases in the past ~ 6 years, in several dozen states. When I’ve been deposed or gone to trial, your advice from your books, and my notes from the live courses, have been invaluable. Many of the tips and attorney tricks and tactics have come up and I’ve felt much more confident responding in an artful way. In fact, often, the attorney tactics that I’ve faced were straight out of one your books.”

“Please also thank Jim for me, for all the great advice and teaching a few years ago. My expert consulting practice has grown quite a bit, and is now self sustaining at a very active level. I have incorporated much of what I have learned from SEAK and Jim into my work.”

“Just wanted to express my deep gratitude to you and SEAK for teaching me about the expert witness business. It has really changed my life in so many ways!”

“You both just totally blew me away!! [Advanced Testifying Skills: The Master’s Program] far exceeded my expectations, and I am so very appreciative of your time, energy and commitment in providing this stellar course! I now feel like I am prepared to meet “The Pit Bulls” this week at my deposition – I am eternally grateful to you and Jim for your incredible wealth of knowledge and the willingness to share some of the depths of your insights!”

“I was just an expert witness at the Conrad Murray trial last week. You can check out my videos on youtube if you are extremely bored. According to commentary I did pretty well. This was my first time in court! I have to thank you for your book “How to become a Dangerous Expert Witness” as I used it like the bible in my preparation. I just wanted to thank you for writing that book.”

“I have attended a significant number of continuing education courses over the years and I am hard pressed to remember any that were as informative as “How to Start, Build and Run a Successful Expert Witness Practice.” As you suggested, I am strongly encouraging the physician(s), I am to be working with, to attend one of your seminars. I look forward to attending another one myself. Thank you for your assistance.”

“I appreciate all you do. The listing has brought many interesting cases. However, the education you have provided is more important and has made being involved with expert work much more powerful. Being prepared is the key. Thanks.”

“I enjoyed the conference very much. You and Steve run the consummate professional program.”

“You have landed at least 6 good cases for me this year! I plan to attend the seminar again in 2012.”

“I am one of your exceedingly happy customers. I have most of your books, the expert agreement, have been to Cape Cod. Because of you and your group I have a thriving practice.”

“I am working on a Federal case and wanted to thank you and all the folks @SEAK for the knowledge gained in your course. I am working w/ several Ass’t US attorneys (AUSAs) that I have worked with in the past and they have noticed the difference.
I am scheduled to be deposed tomorrow at the AUSAs’ office – not mine, I told them! They held a mock “grilling” on Friday and the conclusion was, “We beat you severely about the ‘head and face’, much worse than the plaintiff’s attorney will and you handled it just fine!” As the questions came, I continually remembered the principles SEAK taught – hear the whole question, make sure you understand it, answer only that question, answer only what you’re an expert in, etc. We’ll see how I do tom’w during the real thing. So I thought it would only be right to thank your group for the lessons learned. (Yes, you may use this in a “promo’).”

“If a 3-pointer in basketball goes “swish,” what sound does trial testimony make when opposing counsel sputters and gets sarcastic?
[Case] trial testimony went very strongly. Opposing made no headway, frustrated. After the cross-exam, neither counsel had further questions. A juror submitted a paper with questions to the judge. Both counsel approach and whisper with the judge for 10-minutes, I’m still on the stand. Then the judge dismisses counsel, turns to me and asks 3 open-ended questions that I respond to with detailed teaching explanations. Opposing kept objecting, judge said he wanted the jurors to hear the answers.
Thank you both for sharing your expertise to make this type of day possible.”

“I have been very busy with my TE work and I just wanted to let you know how things are going and once again say thank you for your help.”

“I was deposed in February by a very cranky defense attorney. He was not happy with what I had to say and kept insisting I was changing what I had said previously (it was part 2 of a depo). I did not back down and the RC told me I had held up quite well to the badgering. I was deposed last week by two more defense attorneys and one of them said something you taught at the conference, and I smirked when he was saying it. When I spoke to RC this morning he said he felt I did really well with their nit picking and did not concede my opinion. Thank you once again for the valuable, worth every penny service you provide, I truly appreciate all I learned from you.”

“Yours is the most expensive CME I have ever taken. It is also the best value.”

“I attended your recent advanced training in Florida. I testified yesterday in court, the first such testimony since the training. It was a huge success as I felt for the first time, completely comfortable with my opinion, my report and my testimony. I have been doing expert witness work for quite some time, but have only started testifying more in recent years. I have observed others, completed various trainings and as you know there is a steep learning curve in this area, so have learned from every experience—good and especially, bad. Your class though was the “tipping point” in terms of me finally understanding and being able to implement testifying skills, starting with a completely reasoned opinion and ending with educating the court, remaining calm and speaking clearly and directly. I especially learned from watching all the witnesses get grilled at your training—seeing what experts look like when they can’t give a straight answer or are defensive really was instructive and eye opening. There were many take aways from the class but I especially liked Jim’s quote from The Art of War—he who is strong everywhere, is strong nowhere. I was able to give where I needed to and stand firm, where I wouldn’t. The other side should send their expert to your training…”

“Anyway, thanks to you and Jim. We as a society complain too often when things don’t work and are too quiet when they do so I wanted to let you know.”

“Thank you for all of your help in making my Forensic practice successful. I am very busy and there is no question that SEAK has made that possible.”

“The two times you have led(expert witness) training sessions at our company meeting have been the best training sessions on ANY topics we have had in the past 14 years and you can quote me on that…I look forward to having you back.”

“I wanted to tell you I can’t express how appreciative I am for the help you gave me to prepare for my first deposition. I would have been smeared without your prep and your books really have helped me put out quality professional products. I have had consistent success because my reports are factual, organized and I work very hard to stay away from the pitfalls I learned from you. This really fast tracked me and helped me avoid a lifetime of hard lesions. Not that I won’t have any, but it gave me a great headstart. Thank you so much!”

“I have attended two SEAK conferences in the past year. Since I attended my first SEAK conference, my forensic expert witness business has tripled because of what I learned. I find the SEAK conference(s) to be my best source information and the most important conference that I attend to actually help me improve my product and be able to promote my business.”

“I want to compliment you both on providing me with one of the most educational and enjoyable three days ever. Intellectually and emotionally I really learned a lot. You caused me to develop a new point of view relative to my professional work. Prior to the course I always looked “from the inside (my side) out” now I have added “looking from the outside (the jury, the opposing attorney, the court) in”. You two guys aren’t cheap but you’re damn good!”

“Hi Steven, though you probably do not know who I am, as there were many individuals at the conference, I would just like to personally thank you, as I thoroughly enjoyed it, and learned alot from my participation. I have also now incorporated both you and Mr. Mangraviti in my nightly prayers in which I earnestly ask that I never have to face either of you on cross examination, which is unlikely since I am from Canada! In any event, you were both excellent presenters! Please let me know when the next conference will be held, as I will certainly be there. Take care for now.”

“In recognition of your outstanding assistance to the FBI in connection with its investigative efforts. Your cooperation was of immeasurable help to our representatives. I share their gratitude for your support, which assisted them in carrying out their responsibilities. You can take pride in the role you played in the success achieved, and my associates and I congratulate you on a job well done.” – Robert S. Mueller, III, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

“I wanted to circle back with you. I finally went on the stand beginning April 1 and carried over to the second day on Friday April 3. With your help I felt very prepared and was able to articulate my opinion very well. The crossing attorney did not seem very strong to me and did not seem as though he really understood what he was asking me, which made it fairly easy. It was a good one to start out with for me but certainly not too challenging. My attorneys felt I did an excellent job up there and controlled the attorney and line of questioning extremely well. I appreciate your beating me up and helping me fine tune my opinion and articulation of such. I will be able to use your methods going forward to help when I have a difficult crossing attorney.” – One-on-One Training Client Prepped for Important Deposition

“Just to let you know, we did very well at the CSC hearing and received siting approval for the substation. Your training was great introduction for us to understand the level preparation required for to successfully testify on behalf of the company. You are on our list for “expert witness” training for our future needs. Again thanks for your assistance.” – Corporate client we prepared for an administrative hearing

“Looking at 2008, my forensic revenue (gross) was about 200k(up from 60 K when we met), clinical about 240K. I expect the latter to decrease in 2009 with the economy. The forensic is more unpredictable, but Jan. has been gangbusters. I expect to bill between 30 and 38 K, depending on whether one particular case goes to trial next week(or settles). I am very grateful that I discovered you along life’s course. Besides being remunerative, I love the work itself–the reviews, the reports, the depositions and trials and also believe that I am making a contribution to my field in the process.”—Practice Development Consulting Client

“Thank you for your time today. I found it very helpful. I actually have been going back through my file again and found the answers to many of the issues you raised. I have attached my revised CV based on your excellent review. I have had many people look at the version I gave you, including looking it over several times myself, I am amazed at the things you found and am very grateful for your keen eye. You are clearly very good at what you do.”—One-on-One Training Client Prepped for Important Deposition

“I attended the SEAK Advanced Testifying Skills course in 2006. This was an extremely beneficial program. It provided clarity. Wording in my reports improved due to some suggestions made. Additionally, when I testify, at times a “light bulb” goes on in my head, alerting me to “go for it”–assert myself. For example, when I responded to a question–using wording I learned at the seminar–an opposing counsel actually looked startled, stepped back and eased up on cross-examining me. (He also asked for my business card following the trial.) Additionally, at your seminar, I met other experts who shared their experiences. This, also, was very rewarding. Thank you for offering such a worthwhile seminar. I am considering taking it again to further strengthen my knowledge and performance.”

“I particularly enjoyed the CV critique portion, and ended up revising my CV to meet the guidelines. Several people have told me that it is easier to read and reference. I have had the opportunity to use what I learned in the course at a trial in Tallahassee and in subsequent testimony taken by telephone from my office. The comment I received from counsel is that I came across as “competent and polished.” One likes being “polished.” I recommend your course to those who want to have well-prepared testimony and more confidence on the witness stand.”

“Let me simply & gratefully [tell you] that solely having taken your June course last year and obtaining a basic listing on your experts directory has at the minimum tripled my legal consultation activities, including some fascinating product liability & even criminal case experiences that I’m certain would not have otherwise come my way! So if we are considering the business efficiency of such an opportunity cost as a SEAK directory listing, I don’t believe there could ever be a bigger or better “bang for the buck.”
I remain ever more impressed + grateful for the remarkable efforts which you & Steve undertake on behalf of encouraging & training us to do the proverbial “right thing”. I wish all or indeed any of my other professional endeavors were so dramatic a win-win!”

“The largest benefit to attending the SEAK conference was that thanks to Jim, I doubled my fees.”

“One of the strongest points, of the course, was when you took attendees and dealt with them based on what they had submitted with a public critique of their submission. I think this role playing is easier to remember and makes more of a long lasting impression than just the didactic listing of things.”

“When I first starting doing expert witness testimony, it was a different world. You become a unique tool in a different world or environment. This new environment quickly became quite complex. After I got burned on a few deposition fees and cancelations, I realized how easy it was for me to be used and abused. The lawyers were not going to teach me their environment or system and the school of hard knocks was getting pretty expensive. The lawyers are not necessarily your friend, they have their own agenda. I saw your brochure and instantly knew that I needed to go. It was one of those seminars where you cannot afford not to go.”

“I went to two more of your seminars on Cape Cod and Florida. I now know what the lawyers are trying to do to me during a deposition, what training they have received and the tricks that they use. In the court room, I now know how to treat the Judge and Jury and am better prepared for the cross examination. I am more aware of the system and therefore in more control and more comfortable working within the system. The training also made me more valuable. A good half of my business is now Expert Consulting.”

“I truly thank you for the services that you are providing; it has allowed me to more quickly and thoroughly understand the legal system within which I am now working. The school of hard knocks got a lot cheaper.”

“[Your] Course in Naples last November was by far the best and most intense course on testifying I have ever attended. It helped reinforce some areas I was already aware of but most importantly it gave me many new perspective and techniques that have and will help me tremendously in the future.”

“Your session really helped me more than anything I have ever done. You have given me a shield that no one has ever been able to give me. Thank you again.”

“SEAK has been the foundation for my identity and comfort level as an expert witness. Learning from lawyers about lawyering has been invaluable. SEAK dispelled myths and stereotypes and showed a real life picture of the process.”

“I wanted to thank SEAK and express my appreciation for the success I have achieved in providing opinions and services to attorneys, juries, and judges. SEAK live Hands On training programs, and SEAK Books and DVD’s are worth their weight in gold. As you are aware, I am a transportation academic providing opinions on a daily basis to all who take my learning programs. As an academic, I have to read and write prolifically, and thanks to SEAK work direction, my output has improved in content, both clarity and volume, not to mention the simplifications benefits in dealing with my clients. I have recommended SEAK learning processes to several of my peers and will continue to do so.”

“Your training has been extremely valuable for me. The only regret I have is that I did not go to your seminars earlier as I’ve been on your mailing lists for many years. I have been meaning to make a list of the things that I gained from your presentations and materials SEAK produces.”

“A good example of the advice and suggestions you made just occurred a few minutes ago. I have a deposition scheduled for Friday and the attorney called to ask if we should get together for a conference. In the past I would just have a brief phone conversation covering a few points. Now, I insist on at least an hour in person meeting for a pre-depo conference. It not only has added a couple of hours of billable time, more importantly it ensures that the attorney and I are on the same page and he clearly understand what my opinions are, how I arrived at them, the strength and weaknesses of my vocational opinions. Another example is that I purchased your fee retainer agreement form, modified it to fit my activities and have begun using it. In addition, I shortened my CV per your suggestion. My wife for years has told me I put too much detail into my reports and CV. Now, after having spent over $1500 in order to attend your conference and purchase your materials I’ve had to agree that my wife was right….that is tough. Your book on report writing has been useful. There are many other benefits that I have received. I will complete a listing after reviewing my notes and your materials again.”

“I also want to complement you on your presentation skills. As a longtime member of Toastmasters I evaluate speakers not only for their content but their presentation styles. I was impressed that you were able to hold the attention of the audience with nothing but talking and a occasionally using a flip chart. You did not need to rely on PowerPoint, props, movies, or lame jokes to get your points across. I look forward to attending your conferences on a regular basis in the future when my schedule permits.”

“Thank you so much for calling me back. I was on the stand for a day and a half. I felt I did just fine – I gave myself an 8. I was waiting for the verdict to come back before I e-mailed you. This is the first time I’ve ever gone directly to trial without a deposition. I had the confidence I needed and felt great with all my answers, especially during cross. Thanks again for your wonderful seminars.”

“After three months the report to my experiment re fees is that even in the face of the horrible economy raising my fees has increased my business from attorneys. The vendors between the insurance companies and myself are complaining but still filling my available slots. So what is new? Once again I attribute a lot of my success to the SEAK training.”

“I”ve been on the Seak list for experts for a while and have been quite happy. I just signed up for the review directory today. I was at the yearly expert conference a few years ago on Cape Cod and love your organization.”

“I hired SEAK to assist me with my forensic marketing. They carefully reviewed my current and past cases and talked to me about what cases I enjoyed, was good at and that were lucrative. They helped me identify an excellent niche. In the past year I have more than doubled my forensic income and am getting great cases that I excel at in my new niche”

“Well organized, upbeat”

“Very informative, exceeded my expectations”

“Professional and informative”

“Very useful, well presented, well organized”

“Jim’s presentation/style is very entertaining – he’s clearly brilliant and highly knowledgeable”

“Really enjoyed the style, open dialogue + questions”

“Great course”

“All presenters were great. Very approachable, knowledgeable & instructive. They gave a fair balance of what is most important and what isn’t”

“Very professional, knowledgeable”

“You are all dynamic, interesting and knowledgeable, humorous.”

“Thank you–one the most entertaining seminars I have attended…very informative as well…”

“Excellent – will surely lessen the shock involved in my first expert experience.”

“Plethora of information”

“Exceptional! Lots of content and great role playing”

“Active learning, excellent team teaching”

“Thoroughly enjoyed discussions from the presenters, great learning experience”

“Great advice on being an expert witness, but more importantly how to be effective as an expert as being relatable.”

“Tightly packed, well honed, very informative”

“The explanations by presenters were very clear and complete”

“Thank YOU!!  This course was RICH with information and I am much better prepared for the Daubert challenge now. I really appreciate what you and your colleagues are doing.”

“Great course. Learned so much. No expert should ever testify without attending this course!”

“It was a powerful, extremely useful training seminar, just as the first one I attended in April of this year.  You did a great job!  I’m working on a report today in which I am already thinking about (and looking forward to) the deposition I am going to give incorporating your suggestions and recommendations.”