Expert Witness Client Testimonials

“Kelly, Thank you for the well-executed and very informative course.” 

“Hi Kelly! Thank you for a great weekend. I got more out of the course and the conference than I thought possible. Both you and Chip were really great speakers.” 

“Great examples, great videos, audience participation and going over cases”

“The course was very educative and informative.”


“Everything was perfect. Both instructors are superb!!!”

“Thank you both for the excellent training. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and did, indeed, find it useful. In addition to learning important skills for testifying, the training has caused me to reflect more deeply on expert witness work and the question of whether to take more cases or not. I devote quite a bit of time to each case; however, after attending your training, I realize that an even greater devotion of time is needed to truly become a persuasive expert!”

“Nadine and Jim, Thank you. As usual, an excellent course with so much learnt.”

“Excellent course, from which I learned a great deal of practically useful information and strategies. Well worth the investment of time and money.”

“This is my second time taking this course.  Although the curriculum was essentially the same, many of the examples were new.  The first time I took this course was absolutely food for thought, and it laid a great foundation for me to really focus on the individual points in the curriculum.  I definitely recommend taking this course twice at a minimum.”

“Very Good.  Always Love Nadine’s vibrant teaching/communicating style.  Jimmy portrays the toughest attorney most of us will ever encounter, which is just what everyone needs.” 

“Very informative”

“Advice on what to include in my retention agreement, advice on how to testify in direct vs. cross examination. It was extremely helpful, and I did not understand the differences before this conference.”

“Excellent teaching by Jim and Nadine.”

“It was all interesting. It was useful to see testifying strategies and recommendations put into practice during the course with the experts in the room.”

“The most useful thing was submitting my report and CV ahead of time so that I could practice on a real life case.”

“Using real world examples that the attendees submitted provided a great variety of examples to learn from and observe.”

“Keep doing what you are doing.  I am a professional instructor and tend to more critical of instructors I observe.   Jim and Nadine obviously are highly experienced and have honed their delivery to as close to perfection as I have seen.”  

“Nadine and Jim were both excellent presenters who shared useful, informative, thought-provoking content. There wasn’t a dull moment during the entire two-day course!”

“Nadine is wonderful; down to earth, personable, so interesting, yet very professional.  Jimmy is great at preparing experts for the toughest cross examination and other pitfalls they will likely see.” 

“The active effort to involve attendees and make it interactive and participatory was excellent. By all means, keep that up. Also, the videos were invaluable.”

“Learned various pearls about ways to answer certain questions, better prepared for report writing, review contract for certain language, understand Daubert better”

“I gained additional insight on testifying, relationships with retaining counsel, and overall operation of my growing expert witness practice all of which will lead towards improving my organization.”

“More confidence, more passion and a much-improved ability to handle cross examination, direct examination questions. I also know the importance of listening to every word of the question and how to better respond to aggressive interrogation.”

“Awesome!  Educational.  Relevant.  Well organized.  Great job to all that were involved in organizing this event.”

“Fantastic. Worth [the] expense [of] traveling across the country. Great attendees who were willing to share.”

“It was another excellent conference. The networking opportunities were very good and more so with this particular conference.”

“It was nice to see and hear from so many different experts and from so many different fields.”

“It was really beneficial for me as a new expert witness and first SEAK conference.”

“Looking forward to the next one!”

“Outstanding and well-presented”

“Outstanding networking at Class & Conference!! Met many Experts that I want to maintain long-term interaction. Excellent job on providing the Voluntary Networking info file.”

“Perfect for me at the early stages of this part of my career.”

“Really helpful and inspiring and will help me hold my own for next trial or depo.”

“The conference was positively outstanding from end-to-end!”

“The conference was very helpful. I really enjoyed meeting new and returning colleagues. I’m really glad I went and plan to return.”

“The entire conference was a total game changer. The presenters, the information, activities, the information was superb. And the chance to network with some of the best in the business was simply outstanding.”

“This was a very worthwhile conference.  It was put together very well and from an attendee viewpoint, run flawlessly.   Several of the sessions I have taken in the past.  What I discovered was, that the past attendance laid a good foundation.  The second time around, things made more sense and I was able to build on that foundation to a greater understanding of the subject matter.”

“This was an amazing conference.”

“In addition to great learning from the faculty, having some expert witness work under my belt at this point, I was able to engage in more meaningful conversations with other attendees which allowed me to learn from those conversations as well.”

“So much was useful it’s hard to find the standout!  Receiving the slides in advance and for access post-meeting. Remarks from both Judges.  Research from Jury Expert and more!”

“All presenters were engaging, prepared, and professional.” 

“Positively outstanding. To a person, the speakers were exceedingly well-prepared and the content was spot-on.” 

“I know I recently paid to continue being listed; however, I would like to now request removal from the listing. I’m not requesting my money back or anything of that nature. Quite the opposite, I have had such a good response and now have some fairly regular work through one client in particular, and thus cannot handle any additional work at this time. Thank you and thanks to Mr. Mangraviti for all of his help.”

“As an educator who has conducted over 350 three-hour continuing education courses via live videoconferencing (Zoom) since April 7th, 2020, I found the instructor, course content, and hard copy booklet to be exceptional. Mr. Mangraviti stands on the mountaintop among the most knowledgeable and passionate instructors of my entire professional and academic career. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about a career as an expert witness, or someone simply wants to learn, grow, and “up their game.”

“Nadine, I wanted to let you know the trial went great. I was relaxed, applied what you recommended, and really enjoyed it. The District Attorney and other Prosecutors were very impressed with my performance. Thank you for your help and I look forward to learning more from you and the whole team.”

“[My trial testimony] could not have gone any better as SEAK has done a superb job in helping me to prepare for this type of demanding litigation.”

“[T]he training I received at SEAK [is] so important. While I don’t necessarily believe that [some] attorneys fully understand what SEAK does, I can tell you from personal experience that it does, without a doubt make a difference.”

“The defense decided to settle after I testified yesterday afternoon. [T]he settlements…are close to $1 billion.  Retaining counsel said the consensus was that I was the most compelling expert of many very sharp experts who testified. Thanks so much for all SEAK has done to prepare me to be able to work in such a demanding case.”

“Thanks! It was a fantastic seminar! I never mind being challenged on either topic! 17 years as a reserve police officer taught me not to be thin-skinned!”

“An excellent course taught by the top leaders in the field of depo and courtroom behaviors.”

“Educational, practical, and entertaining.”

“Excellent, engaging, very informative!”

“Fantastic course with a lot of material that was efficiently and professionally presented.”

“This course demystified a lot of unknowns regarding the legal system procedures.”

“This course was great and gave me a much better understanding of what it means to be an expert witness.”

“Both the video examples and student participant questions [were useful/interesting]. I especially appreciate being reassured that this skill can be learned with practice and time. With all of the expertise in the room-we are all learning and it made me feel a kinship with all of the other students. Well done.”

“Going through our cases was super useful and interesting because you can learn from what other people are doing as well.”

“I found the videos useful at showing instead of telling what to do and not to do in given circumstances.”

“Wonderful course. I wish I would have done this years ago. Will recommend to everyone in our company. Presenters are outstanding and extremely knowledgeable. Couldn’t have asked for a better seminar.”  

“Of course, Jim and Kelly are fantastic. Judge Lawson brought a terrific overview of the anatomy of a lawsuit that was helpful in participants reaching a deeper understanding of the practice.”

“I have so much respect for the depth of knowledge and experience they have.  Great senses of humor which really made the class fun and informative.  Held me for 7 hours a day.”

“Absolutely wonderful presentations. The stories, examples, video clips are excellent additions to get key points across.”

“Just a short note to say ‘thank you’ for a great course in San Diego. I always come away from your courses inspired to do a better job of being an expert witness. I truly appreciate all your help, advice & expertise.”

“Kelly, thank you for a great course! I always learn a lot and appreciate your help & advice.”

“Your service and the training Jim, Nadine and Kelly gave me have been so good that it is time to let [my directory listing] lapse.”

“Thanks, Jim, happy to refer clients to Seak. In fact, I do it regularly with new and established Expert Witnesses. I’m very grateful to you and your team for the amazing training you provide.”

“The bulletproof writing class was awesome, they did a great job”

“As I am just beginning in the field of Expert Witness opinion development, I felt it was essential to get a better idea of how to do this well, rather than just “wing it”. I believe ( yes, I know that is not a “magic word” in opinion writing) that attending this course will allow me to get started in a more competent position as I develop in this field. Thanks.”

“List too long to mention. This was one of the best courses I have ever attended.”

“Direct, concise, practical”

“fantastic content – I will take this course again in the future”

“Great, this is 2nd time I’m taking it, well worth it.” 

“Loved it.  Provide real world experience from attorneys who have been in the trenches.”

“Practical techniques to use as soon as the next work day.”

“The entire course was useful. I am new to consulting and feel more prepared to write my first report.”

“There was no specific topic that I found “most useful”. For me, being new to this field, I found that ALL of the topics presented were both interesting and ALL had potential utility for me!”

“Thank you, you were fun and dynamic, challenged us, and provided lots of wonderful examples!”

“This was worth the time and cost. There was a balance of information, critique and fun.”

“Your experience, knowledge and ability to adapt were all clear. Unbiased opinions despite having been in both counsel positions. Clear and concise. Flexible for scenarios and questions presented. Well-versed in reports used as examples. Awesome job and thank you!”

“Very professional presentations and the use of personal experiences of the presenters is very useful in identifying how attorneys use elements of our reports.”

“Nadine and Kelly, Thank you again for an outstanding class.   As mentioned, this was the second time I took this. I felt it would be worthwhile to re-take the class, but it turned out to be far more valuable than I had imagined, due to taking it after having written many more reports that I had before.”

“In 2022 I took SEAK’s depo prep training in anticipation of a “big showdown” with a top California litigator. Honestly, reading all his previous depos on the case was quite intimidating. The plaintiff attorney was a master swordsman, so to speak. To my delight and astonishment, the day of the depo I was calm. I was not worried about making rookie mistakes. I knew the trick questions to listen for. I knew the stance that I wanted to maintain – one of integrity, honesty and brevity. Having taken [SEAK’s] course gave me the foundation to be confident and relaxed to focus on listening. Thirty minutes into the depo it became clear to me where the line of inquiry was going. The most powerful part of the experience was that I “owned” every word of my EW report and did not stray from my research and conclusions. That bedrock allowed me to be calm and not react personally – even to the small missteps I made. After the depo I was eagerly looking forward to my court testimony, but the case settled quickly.  None of this would have been possible without my training from SEAK. Thank you so much!”

“Excellent. Great intro into the field.”

“Excellent; the faculty was very responsive to questions.”

“Fantastic! So much great info, not just about medical expert witness, but general business advice.”

“Very knowledgeable faculty.  Practical and to the point.”

“Very well organized and structured.”

“The entire course was extremely well done extremely educational, and I would change nothing.”

“Learning about others’ experiences and getting feedback about my own strategies [was useful/interesting]; very positive outlook from faculty.”

“Excellent presentations. Extremely informative and educational for those entering the field.”

“Keep it up. The energy was great. Enjoyed the entire course.”

“Some of the best presentations I’ve seen in my career.”

“Very responsive to questions. That is a very good trait for presenters.”

“Wonderful course. See you again soon.”

“I impressed on everyone else there that you, Kelly and particularly Judge Lawson (really a big pull to have a federal judge – with relevant practice experience – there) had the reality of this down to a science… Very nice.”

“I learned a great deal from the course and instructors. Wish I had taken before writing previous opinions and started down the path for a medical expert practice. Amazing. I wanted more and plan to attend in the future.”

“Absolutely outstanding. Probably the best course I have ever attended.”

“Excellent. Engaging, fun, interesting. Wonderful!!!!”

“It was incredibly useful, with a thoughtful presentation of the information in a relatable manner. It was both interesting and entertaining!”

“Very practical guide to succeeding as an expert medical witness.”

“I thought I had an idea how to perform in the world of becoming a medical expert. My eyes were opened. The instructors kept the course moving and were very interesting.”

“The practice scenarios and actually practicing on the spot [was useful/interesting]. It’s different to watch and read about the do’s and don’ts but much different to actually practice it.”

“Excellent work. Your passion for wanting the participants to truly succeed was present in each topic and from each presenter. No secrets were safe.”

“Excellent, keep up your great work. Really enjoyed the course and cannot thank you enough. You certainly opened my eyes before I stepped on the land mines.”

“Great job! You have prevented me from making huge mistakes that could have ended my expert witness opportunities.”

“The presenters are very knowledgeable, bringing a great deal of experience and authenticity to the course. They were very effective in communicating, and offered personal anecdotes to support points, while maintaining the focus of the audience.”

“Very engaging presentations and great teamwork.”

“Good afternoon Jim and Kelly –  As the new year begins, I wanted to wish you and yours a happy and blessed 2023! I also wanted express my gratitude for the SEAK courses (live, online), SEAK books and the first couple opinion reviews you did with me over the last two years. Just today I received a letter from an attorney regarding a case I’m working on (attached). I have learned some much in the last two years, I’m honing my expert witness craft (currently 25 active cases, 13 expert reports, 4 discovery depositions, and 1 probable trial (in June ’23)) and truly enjoying the work and challenges it provides me beyond day to day clinical practice.  Again, thank you for all your help and support over the past two years. I look forward to attending another conference in the months and years ahead.”

“Really well organized and grounded on experience.”

“This was a great course. I would recommend it to others looking to do this type of work.”

“Very informative and ‘eye-opening.’ I certainly appreciated the hard-line ‘this is a combat sport’ approach, because I would rather hear it up front then be caught off guard later. I thought the instructors did a great job of sharing pitfalls of experience to which we would not otherwise be exposed other than by life experiences and years, and frankly, by getting burned.”

“Very well put together and professional. Gets right to the point.”

“I think the concrete items of 1) documents needed, 2) script for interviews via phone, 3) financial management strategies, and general expectations setting around file review vs. depo vs. testifying were incredibly helpful.”

“Both Jim and Chip were extremely knowledgeable, experts in their respective fields. And were adept at passing that knowledge on.”

“Great job! They were awesome! Informative, incredibly knowledgeable and added humor to keep the participants engaged. I especially appreciated the fact that the presenters really got to know each participant to best meet their individual needs.”

“It was a great program that was rich in content that can be utilized to make changes to my current practice.   The SEAK conferences are life changing!”

“Really enjoyed the course and was engaged the entire time. Found all the info to be very useful.”

“Jim and Chip are a great duo and fantastic teachers.”

“Outstanding.  It’s obvious that the material has been honed over years.”

“Time and money well spent.”

“Very practical and directly applicable to EW practice.”

“Everything, from the real-life examples shared by Nadine and Kelly, including the feeling they created when engaging students, helped give some context to the atmosphere experienced in Depositions and trials. Attendees’ input was extremely helpful in getting tips and other points of view.   I hate that I registered late and was unable to submit documents for review as the feedback provided would have been invaluable.”

“Thank you for your excellent teaching and availability.”

“Thank you very much. This helped me focus my assignment and upcoming report.”

“You were both GREAT!  You are a true team and you worked so well and smoothly together.  I love your genuineness and your obvious desire to help us improve and learn this craft.” 

“Jim is superb. He is obviously knowledgeable and also engaging and approachable. A great teacher.  Chip is also quite knowledgeable and does incredible work at a high level. It will be difficult to be as thorough as he is. That said he was mesmerizing!” 

“I tell all my friends that SEAK course is mandatory to anyone who wants to do expert witness work. I can tell you that SEAK courses not only taught me a lot of things but changed the way I think and behave.”

“I wanted to say thank you for such and engaging, informative and highly educational course. Having been in practice for 16 years I learned more about this area in the last 2 days than in an entire career. I do feel this will greatly help me in my expert work.”

“Thanks Kelly and Jim for the great training you guys gave. I learned a lot and will work to enhance my testifying skills.”  

“Excellent course.  What I thought I knew would only fill a thimble when compared to the tips learned this week.”

“I loved it!  It was engaging, fast-paced, everything I hoped for!”

“I wanted to say thank you for such and engaging, informative and highly educational course. Having been in practice for 16 years I learned more about this area in the last 2 days than in an entire career. I do feel this will greatly help me in my expert work.”

“This course is mandatory for anyone who wants to do expert witness work.”

“The role plays and interactions during the training were useful/interesting – even using introductions as a teaching tool were brilliant!”

“Excellent immediate feedback was very helpful, as were the real-world examples.  Great communicators.”

“Excellent!  Having Judge David Lawson’s insight from the bench greatly enhanced the training provided by James and Kelly.”

“So impressed – great teachers, humorous and serious, you personally looked at my needs, materials, and questions, and attending to the group at large was impressive.  Made it fun, and above all – I feel ready and prepared and have a plan to do this work.”    

“Jim, My expert witness work has been a fantastic addition to my full-time clinical practice.  Since my introductory course, in Falmouth, September 2021 and advertising through SEAK exclusively, I’ve been involved in over 20 cases, deposed 5 times, but have yet to testify, at trial.  The work has added substantial income and is professionally rewarding, requiring me to review the literature about topics in general surgery that I enjoy reading about, generate reports, prepare for deposition….and now getting paid to do it!  I’ve met many attorneys and paralegals throughout the country on both sides of the aisle and have gotten some secondary referrals. Thanks again to you, Kelly and the GOYA philosophy.”

“The value of attending SEAK’s training seminars cannot be understated. As experts, we practice deep into our respective fields- and that is not what makes a great expert witness in the world of litigation. What Nadine and Kelly offered at the report writing workshop was truly how to take our most reviewed work product and get laser sharp with our focus and prevent problems from happening down the road with testimony. I regret not taking this course sooner, and am grateful for the opportunity to learn from and with them.”

“I will be renewing my listing when this comes due as I have experienced a number of referrals directly from SEAK.  I have also suggested to other colleagues to join and/or attend one of the workshops.  I still look back with fond memories of a workshop that I had attended a number of years ago in Chicago with I believe Jim Mangraviti, Esq at the time,  and how helpful this proved to be.  I am now seeing between 50 to 75 forensic cases a year, and I am selective in the cases I decide to take on.  The conference really helped to give me the knowledge base to understand that which I was getting into.  I am now enjoying referrals from attorneys on both sides.  I have also found on a number of occasions that following my involvement in depositions, that the opposing attorney is later contacting me with regard to a case that they want to retain me for.  This had again recently happened just three weeks ago where I had two depositions, one for the defense and another for the plaintiff.  Within days of each of these depositions I was contacted by the opposing attorneys.  Again, thank you for the services that you provide.”

“I refer other experts that I meet to your seminars on a regular basis.  I don’t believe that there is any better training.”

“I have been trying to get a moment to call to tell you how big an impact all I have learned from you has had on a major case I have been working.   I will never be able to thank you enough for all you and your firm have done to prepare me for a massive and complex case.”

“I have attended a couple of your courses and have found them very useful and informative. My expert witness practice has exponentially grown since and I attribute that to what I have learned from the courses. Although I had been doing reviews for many years prior, taking the courses allowed me to increase not only my earnings but my exposure (through SEAK directories and subsequent word of mouth), my efficiency, and my business administration towards making it a viable practice on its own. Additionally it has increased my IME work.”

“Jim and Kelly, I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you both for the three incredible training classes I have taken over the last few months at SEAK.  The content, format and style was exactly what I was looking for and greatly improved my performance in a recent deposition regarding an employment matter for one of my consulting clients. In fact, the trial attorney who prepared me for the deposition later told the CEO that I “knocked it out of the park” and that I have a bright future as an Expert Witness. She also advised me to increase my hourly rate. I couldn’t have done this as effectively without you and your team. Your training prepared me to have confidence, listen intently, only answer what is asked, speak eloquently and to keep my emotions in check. The networking with other expert witnesses has also benefited my firm.”

“Jim and Nadine, I am excited to pass along that I have now been retained in 12 cases since May.  Possibly even more exciting, three different attorneys have used the words “new go to ER expert” after I provided them my case reviews. I greatly appreciate both of your mentorship and assistance.  I am really excited about how my practice has taken off in the past 3 months.” 

“Thanks for your time and previous guidance. I wanted to provide an update since I met with Kelly to revamp my CV. In the last 4 months the SEAK directory has provided 4 contacts with interested law firms for my expert witness services…3 have retained me for their cases:) I can feel the momentum building and have been able to utilize the expert agreement and other skills learned in the seminars.”

“My deposition was today – all 4+ hours of it – and I’m feeling really good about how it went.  I so appreciate your showing me the ropes and helping to build my confidence. This first time out for me it was especially important to know how to best prepare and to not get rattled in the process. I’m proud  to say … I passed both tests.”

“James, thanks for connecting, I remember your training as pivotal in my expert witness training, and I still read SEAK books from time to time.”

“I killed it in my depo up against one of the toughest attorneys in the state. I could not have done that without your depo training. Absolutely made me 1000% better.”

“Jimmy and Nadine,  I wanted to let you both know that today I got retained on my fourth case since completing your courses. There is absolutely no way I could have been successful without the knowledge provided during these two sessions.”

“Jim, Just a quick note to thank you and the SEAK team for an invaluable service to our profession. Over the last several years, I have taken all the SEAK courses to enhance my expert witness business, and I now have almost as many  cases coming as I can  manage. With SEAK’s training, I have been fortunate to have been engaged in numerous national cases. Thanks again.”

“This is just a quick thank you note: I gave my 2nd-ever depo a few weeks ago. Post-game comment from retaining counsel: “You couldn’t have done better”.  The SEAK training and textbook were invaluable –“

“Seven hours, council said I was rock solid and seemed very experienced, said I was the best 1st time expert witness that they had seen!! They were very pleased. Thanks for your help.  I would had been screwed going in there with only what I knew before I took your course!! So glad I took the course.”

“Reading the SEAK book to prepare for trial tomorrow. It’s very well written, thankfully it’s quite intuitive but a good way to prep as I sit in the airport. I’ve come a long way in 5 plus years, surprised it took this long to get my first trial. Thanks for all your support.”

“I am one of your most active advertisers. I will see people who are not doing expert witness work that could and should be doing it, and I point them to SEAK. I told multiple people at the conference that they need to attend more of the two day courses. I tell others who are doing expert witness work that have not been to SEAK to participate in SEAK programs. I am a believer. You and the team do really great quality work and cut the learning curve by years.”

“I am exhausted with the overwhelming work, but it is exciting. I have nine depositions and four trials in the next two months. Thanks for your help getting me started! I wish I had time to attend the meeting.”

“The best part of it for me is that I feel I am a better doctor for seeing how things can and do go wrong.  Doing this work has changed my practice for the better as I am forced to research current best practices.  It has made me a better physician and as a doc who cares about patients first, I can offer no higher praise.”

“Outstanding work, thank you so much. Your passion, expertise, and decency all shine through. Very helpful to me and all the students to make us better experts.”

“One valuable piece was simply absorbing some of the “norms” of this wild west adventure of expert witness work, and hearing how many of the issues are viewed from the perspective of the attorneys and excellent instructors. Understanding better the expectations of attorneys who hire experts, talking clearly about the uncomfortable subject of fees and invoicing super helpful, and most everything that Jim and Kelly had to say was very valuable.”

“There is nothing like this anywhere! If you want to do medical-legal consulting, this is definitely your first stop, and don’t try without this information. The faculty is top notch, the course is fast-moving with practical, actionable information. This was my second course with SEAK and I learned so much more the second time out.” 

“Inquiry to retainer paid in 48 hours.  Thanks for having the directory and advertising opportunities available.”

“I just wanted you to know how much your courses, and your advice, have helped me start my Expert Witness business.  The SEAK listing got me 2 of the cases. So, thank you!   I’m enjoying the investigative process, my lawyers are terrific to work with, plus I have declined 3 cases.  One, since they did not have a case, in my opinion.  One, was not in my wheelhouse.  And third, the lawyer had a very bad reputation and was facing criminal charges (oh, yes, I looked all of that up and found it)”

“Thank you for the excellent expert witness training for depositions and report writing. I consistently have been told by attorneys that my reports and depositions are of very high quality, way above and beyond the what was expected. One of them even responded, ‘OMG! That was amazing!!’ Most of the attorneys that I’ve worked with have now given me several cases each and are willing to pay the increased rates that I requested.”

“Just finished my cross in my [location] trial.  The course was unbelievably helpful in surviving the cross…my lawyers were very happy.”

“Good morning Jim and Kelly – I hope you are both doing well! Just wanted to update you on my expert witness journey since we last talked virtually. Since taking the SEAK online courses at the beginning of this year and with your virtual mentorship, I’ve gotten four cases. I continue to utilize the SEAK materials (handbooks and videos) as references with great confidence and am beginning to hone a systematic approach to case vetting. I haven’t yet had to write a formal report or be deposed but I look forward to the challenge and know SEAK will be there for me when I need them. I’m having fun digging into the medical literature more intensely than I have been able to do in a long while and it also makes me a better practicing physician for it as well. I hope to get to an onsite SEAK workshop in the months ahead to grow even further and to meet you and the SEAK team. Thank you and have a great weekend!”

“A month ago I testified at a med-mal trial during which I demonstrated to the jury the effect of loss of binocular stereopsis by view the courtroom with one eye covered and then with both eyes open. My attorney won the case with an award of millions. I learned the value of demonstrable evidence at a SEAK conference several go. The training is well worth it”.

“Jim,  This is my report prepared for the plaintiff’s attorney.   The 3 defendants settled within a week of my deposition. I owe you a lot for your training courses and guidebooks. Thanks.”

“Nadine, I wanted to write to thank you so much for all the great info in the deposition prep class. Worth every penny. I just finished my first deposition and it went really well. The attorney had nothing negative to say at all and he didn’t add, “for your first deposition.” I am grateful for the advice to list and bullet point your opinions and the lockdown words. After 3.5 hours, the main attorney finally got to the pinnacle question and I caught the “common” he threw in and I nailed it. All thanks to you and SEAK! I will certainly be recommending courses to everyone I know. Thank you again.”

“Kelly & Nadine, I can’t thank you both enough. I am rapidly turning into a SEAK junkie. This is my third course and I keep being impressed over and over with the volume of knowledge and content that is helpful in each one. Thanks for what you do. You have a truly unique gift to offer assistance to folks like myself who are early in the Expert Witness world and I feel like I’ve already made huge leaps and bounds in confidence and it has helped my business dramatically.”

“I want to thank you again for all that I have learned from your books, seminars and consulting sessions.  While this has been extremely helpful in our expert witness work, it has been even more beneficial in helping us prepare better reports for clients.  As our reports for assessment projects can run up to 20,000 pages (a report for each of a couple hundred schools plus a variety of strategic reports), your expertise has helped us help our clients to prevent tragedies and better prepare for and recover from them.  When we have exceptionally challenging projects like the tragedy at MSD High School, being able to more accurately articulate, document and justify our opinions has been incredibly important.  Thanks again for all that you do.  I can tell you without reservation that you have helped us save lives using the knowledge you have provided.”

“Thank you for everything you and your company have done to help us develop and prosper in our respective fields as experts. Yesterday, I was asked by an Agent who is leaving the FBI, “where is the best place to learn about being an expert,” and without hesitation I told him that SEAK is the 800 pound gorilla in that space and sent him the company link.”

“Originally, you sent me a brochure and I was VERY impressed with your response time, honesty and understanding of the expert witness realm. You’re not just a listing service you are a grad school and trade association all in one.”

“Back in 2015, I took all of the SEAK classes, and I want to thank you and all of the staff for the tremendous quality of your presentations. Because of these classes I have been able to expand my expert witness practice to where I am now retained by major firms, and doing larger and more complicated cases. I have attached a photo of one of my latest completed reports, all 4,211 pages from an international case. Keep up the great work.”

“When signing up for your SEAK expert witness classes I was told yours is the best there is. I was not disappointed. Could only stay the first 2 days then back to the office. Jim, Kelly and the Judge were quite the show stoppers. See you in fall at Clearwater Beach. Thank you for showing the way.”

“Hi Nadine! I wanted to follow up with you to let you know the jury gave a no cause verdict yesterday on the case I testified in on Friday. I know that my testimony was better because of your help. The cross examining lawyer was very aggressive with me and he was clearly agitated and shaking when I wouldn’t back down, it was a solid fight. I kept seeing you in my head saying… listen to what is being asked.  He asked questions that you predicted. Thank you very much for everything. Until next time!!! Take care.”

“Thank you for your insightful and excellent seminar.  I learned a lot and feel more confident for the upcoming deposition this month.”

“The program was great! I found it very valuable and look forward to incorporating techniques discussed in the training.”

“Jim – Thanks for a very interesting session with you and Judge Lawson.  Your preparation and familiarity with your audience background allowed you to connect with us in a way that was very useful and relevant.  My work is almost 100% expert work and while I have not yet authored my own expert report or been deposed, I have drafted many reports and assisted experts through depo prep, sat in on opposing expert depo and sat through district court trials.  Even with that background, your presentation with all those examples really brought things home for me.”

“Made a tremendous impact on my ability to perform as an expert witness.”

“James and Kelly, Thanks so much for the excellent seminar. It was just what I needed.”

“Very insightful information!”

“Thank you so much Jim. You are a master teacher, I learnt so much. I am your student whether you want me or not – I have 4 of your books and 2 of the DVDs – and want to learn all I can. I am so sorry I could not stay for the Saturday and Sunday Expert Report Sessions because of family commitments. Next time then, or Cape Cod or Florida. Looking forward to seeing you again, Jim”

“Great event!”

“It was super helpful and I appreciate your hard work.”

“Jim & Kelly, Thank you both for all of the great information provided at the SEAK training. I took extensive notes and will be implementing many of the things I learned at the conference into my daily practice. The conference was amazing! I love the open platform with spontaneous questions and “life-like” question prose – targeted at the various individuals who attended the conference. I was impressed with “spot-on” name recollection and the many person-specific particulars that were remembered (i.e., specialization, home state). Thank you for your encouragement, advice about increasing my rates, and answers to questions that were given. I look forward to attending the next SEAK conference. Have a wonderful week!”

“Jim, You Rock!  Nobody out there like you.  Honored and grateful to work with you.”


“Definitely worth the time and money.”

“Excellent in every respect.”

“Lots of pearls.”


“Fantastic course.”

“Good prep for depositions and trial.”

“Lively, informative, encouraging.”

“Overall excellent.”

“There is no better expert training in CA, the US or likely the world.”

“Two excellent, outstanding teachers.”

“Very knowledgeable instructors & very flexible to handle various subjects.”

“Faculty interaction create[d] infectious energy.”

“It really reduced my anxiety.”

“The sense of humor mixed in was delightful and kept us on our toes.”

“[Most useful was] the ‘on the spot’ practice”

“Jim- you rock!! The judge was awesome!!”

“Absolutely loved it!!! Thank you so much!!”

“It was an amazing experience.”

“The needle was moved!  Thank you all for your efforts and time in bringing the various topics alive and making them pertinent.”

“Jim, I really liked your “style” and THE Judge was great at explaining the legal process and procedures. You two make one hellava team.”

“James – Thank you for the 2 Day informative and entertaining training in San Diego.  You are a crazy gifted cross-examiner and teacher.”

“Fantastic! Truly excellent!”

“Loved it! Should have attended years ago.”

“The trainers made the material understanding and interesting and were accessible at breaks.”

“Nadine and Rich did an excellent job- both are great speaks who are persuasive.”

“I really had a great learning experience! You and Richard make a good teaching combo and made the class fun and entertaining as well. I find myself more enthused about engaging in this difficult and necessary work.”

“Thank you for a great session Nadine! Lots of takeaways to improve my work, and I am so appreciative!”

“Thanks for presenting such a great class!  I REALLY learned a lot!”

“You and Dr Parker made what is intimidating to us more “user friendly” , Thank you so much for the course.”

“Thank you and Richard for a job well done and for being so receptive and attentive to your students. I came back with a number of initiatives for my expert witness practice thanks to you and Richard.”

“Thanks so much.  You were terrific.  I really received a great deal of information, in a memorable and entertaining way.”

“The instructions and training were amazing!”

“Mr. Mangraviti, you were terrific.  I really received a great deal of information, in a memorable and entertaining way.”

“Thanks so much Jim. I loved your presentation and your humorous style [and] well -honed presentation.”

“Thanks so much for an excellent course!  It’s not often I give all “5-stars”, but you and the judge certainly deserved them.  Greatly enjoyed your presentations!” 

“Hi Jim, The course was terrific! You and Judge Lawson did an awesome job: professional, informative, entertaining, thorough, and effective. Tough act to follow! It was worth every penny. Looking forward to continue working with you and Steve in the future. Thank you.”

“Attorney Jim and Judge Lawson were informative and highly entertaining-like a comedy team. Jim was quick on his feet and kept it lively.”

“[The presenters were] Amazing! Very engaging. Clearly sharp.”

“[The presenters were] very knowledgeable. A very valuable course. I learned things that never crossed my mind. You guys made it fun as well”

“I appreciated that you made the course not only informative, but fun.”

“[The presenters] made the lectures easy to follow & understand!”

“Thank you for the toughness & thoroughness in a friendly setting. I appreciate that each presenter is approachable.”

“Excellent interactive format, humor made it fun and engaging.”

“Very satisfied. Well worth the money.”

“Very useful, enjoyable, with moments of freak out.”

“Outstanding prep for depo & trial”

“Enjoyed the interactions. Somewhat intimidating if you have not done depositions or trials.”

“Excellent! Presenters did the best of theory & practice”

“Case examples from the participants were very helpful!”

“Practical tips about how to present & depos. Videos very helpful.”

“[Most enjoyed the] specifics on what to do/not do, deconstructing the videos, and showing us how you can destroy us.”

“My first full year in business was a success in part to the knowledge I’ve obtained from SEAK.  In 2019, I worked on 7 cases as an expert witness.  Four of the cases are still ongoing.  Your books, seminars, and network are worth every dollar.  The information and knowledge gained has allowed me to excel with my expert witness practice.  The attorneys I’ve worked with have given me great praise over the quality of work and the quality of reports.  Your conferences are invaluable.  The “tricks of the trade” learned at the conferences allow me to do an even better job for my clients.  Having protocols in place to help me vet a case and the attorney has allowed me to say “no” and not take on a shoddy case.”

“Well worth it, and very well done.”

“Jim, You were excellent and I appreciated your ability to know each student and their situation, not to mention your approach, wit, role-playing, etc. I feel much more prepared now!”

“Very helpful, but also quite challenging…a challenging course is the best way to encourage us all to reach for excellence in our deposition skills.”

“Absolutely great seminar. A pleasure to meet you. Learned quite a bit (even after having been deposed > 600 times over 35 years).”

“Great job Jim. You are worth your weight in gold.”

“I wish I had taken this seminar earlier on. The interactive sessions had ever lasting impact, and I just hope it “sticks” when I am up there on the stand. My whole outlook, with how I talk and listen to what others say, has gained a whole new perspective never thought imaginable. I will be looking for your future courses. Thanks again for a wonderful weekend.”

“It was a pleasure for me to be part of such an outstanding course. It was a great learning experience.”


“As a newer expert witness this was a huge eye opener and very valuable in information.”

“Extremely useful.”

“Fantastic – “everything you should know about depos but were afraid to ask”

“Fantastic value!”

“Provides great skill and strategies to engage in high level conversations/deposition skills.”

“The format was perfect.”

“This was a really excellent seminar. Mr. Mangraviti was excellent! He really delivers.”

“Very high value.”

“Very well organized. Effective examples of each area.”

“I believe the interactive nature of the seminar was excellent! I really enjoyed it and I am sure it really helped all the attendees.”

“The interactive process Jim uses is great!”

“Loved every aspect of this seminar. Wish I would have known ‘then’ what I have learned with this seminar.”

“This was very helpful. Thank you for helping us laugh at ourselves and learn from our mistakes/bad answers.”

“Very engaging, funny and comprehensive, thanks!”

“Excellent job! Thank you for sharing your experience and skill with us.”

“The interactive process challenging the individuals to “role play” [was] so very helpful. I wish my attorney/counsel would have prepped me in this way.”

“An exceptional class. Thanks to you and your staff for a great experience and valuable resources that were well worth the time and effort.”

“Thank you, Jim! I got so much out of the class and have already seen an impact”

“It was terrific – as usual!”

“Thanks for an excellent course.”

“Excellent value.”

“Very informative, helpful, friendly and to the point.”

“Great job!”

“Very engaging, knowledgeable and funny. Thanks!”

“Very engaging, pretty high energy.”

“It was great Jim. Thanks for being a great teacher.”

“Worthwhile and enjoyable.”

“The training was awesome! I really enjoyed your insight and I will incorporate some of the things that I learned into my practice.”

“The seminar was extremely beneficial.”

“I enjoyed the course very much, Jim!  You’re a great teacher!”

“A very useful two days. I am glad I attended.”

“Thank you for a very educational seminar to increase business as an expert witness. I walked away with a tremendous amount of information and tools for me to advance as an expert witness. Many thanks to you and SEAK for an amazing workshop.”

“Hi Steve, Yesterday was incredibly useful. I actually found it very interesting, and also fun, to have you identify all the potential weaknesses in my report and possible testimony, and to figure out together what to do about them.”

” Jim, I just gave a 6 hour deposition as plaintiff’s expert.  Retaining counsel openly stated that, in his 40 years of practice, I was the best prepared and composed expert witness he has ever had. Thanks for the great training and guidance.”

“Steve, thanks for all your help and encouragement! Your training and teaching gave me my confidence.”

“4 DAYS OF EXCELLENCE, You and the team did an outstanding job. Thank you for your insights, encouragement and patience.”

“Thank you!. I found the courses (all four days) excellent-in terms of content, written materials given out and the quality of teaching. Apart from being really interesting and informative it was also so enjoyable. Great to have so much laughter while learning some serious stuff! Well done to you and Chip and the Judge! I am so glad I have attended and look forward to putting as much of what I have learned into practice as possible. I will definitely be back!”

“Jim, it was a pleasure to learn from you. You are a bit scary (hahaha) but an amazing teacher! Well, all of you (Chip, the judge, and you ) were excellent teachers. I have never deposed but feel now have great tools, when the time comes. Again, thank you so much! The pleasure was mine.”

“The seminar was top notch.  I am really looking forward to my next one!”

“Jim, What a great course. Really appreciate the content and you are clearly the right guy to present and teach it.”

“Amazing training course, Jim.”

“Jim – Thank you for two great days!  I learned new issues, which to assist my work and business.  You and Chip did a fantastic job with the material/ presentation.”

“Jim, What an excellent course! Like drinking from a firehose. Time to reflect and put it all together. Thanks so much.”

“Jim, I enjoyed the seminar.  Your illustrative stories, case reports and sense of humor made it go by quickly.  I have already begun updating my CV and website using what I learned.  I look forward to the next one.”

“A ‘must attend’ for anyone interested in this line of work”

“Fantastic. Far exceeded my expectations.”


“Outstanding- reality based presentation of “those things to be expected”. For me (in law enforcement) the principles reinforced.”

“Outstanding seminar.”


“Very impressed with level of expertise of Jim & Chip.”

“Very nice set-up. A high-quality training experience from beginning to end. Very knowledgeable expertise and insightful program. Straightforward advice. Delicious breakfast & lunch included. Worth every penny!”

“Very well put together & informative.”

“A useful combination of stories from the front lines & practical advice.”

“Exceptional presenters.”

“Awesome presentations.”

“Excellent job, very engaging!”

“Excellent pace, energy, interactive.”

“Dear Jim, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the excellent information that you provided at the SEAK conference. Since I am brand new to expert witnessing, I came away with my brain very full (and appropriately paranoid), but more than a bit excited about learning more and diving into this work.  Thankfully there are two attorneys at the firm who are willing to work with me— one to prep me on the art of deposition before they turn to the “closer” [someone who has a slightly sadistic side similar to your own] on me to see how rattled I will be on [cross] examination. The conference –and your examples—gave me much food for thought and some practical tips on how I can protect myself.  For all of those things, thank you!”

“Jim – Thanks for another great class!  How to Be an Effective Expert Witness was very informative, interactive, and entertaining.  I plan on attending How to Bulletproof Your Deposition in the near future.”

“Great program, thank you !!!”

“A great experience. Thanks!”

“Jim, Thank you very much for checking in and for your work on this workshop last week.  I will strongly recommend it to my colleagues and let them know it’s worth the money.”

“Jim, Thank you so much for teaching.  Personal experience has taught me that well prepared material requires extensive auxiliary time and attention for success. You and judge Lawson were successful. This course was very helpful. I appreciated the high standard of ethics included in the training.  In my profession (Civil Engineering), ethics are emphasized.  I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss scenarios with a mixed group of professionals, who include some of the brightest minds in our Country.   Taking expert witness training allows us to elevate the level of justice for our communities, for every state, municipality, and everyone within…”

“Exceptionally helpful and practical.”

“High level training I feel like I’m leaving here way ahead of others starting this line of work.”

“Lots of great information, fast paced, experts are teaching information they know like the back of their hand.”

“Terrific – it’s easy to follow along.”

“Very useful & entertaining.”

“Very well-done intro to expert testimony”

“Was practical and highlighted the important aspects of being an EW.”

“Worth every little penny for how it’ll help my work.”

“Very helpful to have people practice testifying, have questions asked throughout the room, feedback on responses is very helpful.”

“Excellent presenters, for a long day, their presentations and dynamics kept my attention 100%.”

“Keep up your amazing work.”

“[Instructors] were very knowledgeable, excellent at teaching ,– appreciate the variety of teaching styles.” 

“Steve, our session was very valuable and helped me to organize my opinions in a useful format for verbal presentation. I will definitely let you know how things go on Monday.”

“Jim, it went very well! I followed your advice and had so much fun. I got to use two analogies! (Road map and cardiac arrest with late script.) [Retaining Counsel] approved for me to bring visual aids and she let defense counsel know beforehand. I got the posters done 16×20 this weekend. Worked!  Thank you so much for the prep. You are the superb master. Will share the videorecording later. :))”

“Jim, My expert witness “sideline” is now starting to overshadow my surgical work.  In the past year I have taken on 7 cases and probably have turned down a like number as they were out of my field of expertise. I turned down another as the attorney wanted me to simply sign an affidavit that he had written in support of his case. The cases come from all across the country – Maine, Florida, South Carolina, Minnesota, Washington, California and New York. All this and my only “advertising” is through SEAK. Not too bad I’d say. To your credit, had I not participated in your courses … I would have been ill prepared and likely unable to provide adequate assistance to the defense team and the outcome in these cases might have been different.  I thank you for the knowledge and expertise you have shared. I think of you and thank you often. I trust all is well at your end and life is good. Thank you again for allowing me to participate in your classes. Stay well.”

“Steve, you were right. Your counsel was invaluable. I could have benefited from a full day of it. Thanks for your good counsel.”

“Steve/Jim:  I would like to thank you for all of your help and support in helping me to launch my expert witness practice. I just reached my 100th case with 24 depositions and 8 trial testimonies under my belt. Your training and expertise was incredibly helpful and practical and everything that I learned came into play at one time or another. I have sent many healthcare professionals to your seminars. Thank you again for everything that you do.”

“You and Chip were amazing.   Thanks for a great learning experience.”

“Jim, Thanks for a great seminar.  You and Chip were excellent!”

“A great learning experience.”

“Thanks, Jim. You [and Chip] were both enjoyable and informative. I especially appreciate the feedback on my first written report.”

“Instantly executable information.”

“Very enlightening- a big eye opener.”

“Very impressed with the speakers/instructors, great examples/advice.”

“Well organized and designed.”

“Excellent, practical.”

“Presenters did an incredible job.”

“The conference was excellent and provided both reinforcement of things I’ve done right but also a lot that I need to refine or change.”

“Jim, Thanks again to You and Chip for one of the best workshops/seminars/trainings that I’ve ever attended. Your advice is spot on.”

“I would like to thank you for Saturday and Sunday at Clearwater Beach.  Everything was seamless, and the speakers were on top of their game.  It was a very enjoyable time, and I learned more than I had in the past.  You and Jim put together a totally first-rate performance, and I’ll be coming back again.”

“Thank you for hosting a great event!  We found the sessions helpful, packed with useful information, and well managed.”

“Thanks for a great conference in a perfect location. As always, very informative and well organized.”

“The meeting, exceeded my expectations. The only thing I regret was not taking these courses before accepting my first case. I appreciated the absence of commercial presence. The setting and services were fantastic.”

“It was as always, a life changing experience.  Thank you for everything.”

“Both the seminar and the conference were great! Very well planned, organized and executed! I learned a lot in both and I am very happy with my investment of time and money in this.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this conference very interesting and informative, I will be back!!!”

“It was an exceedingly well run conference. I look forward to attending next year when you are in Clearwater again.“

“As always, the content is very valuable.  The location and hotel is probably the loveliest and most relaxing conference destination I’ve been to—”

“I have been doing life care planning for twenty years and I was skeptical that I could really get that much more out of additional training. I was so wrong. This was a huge benefit to me and my company. I appreciate the access to such wonderful and knowledgeable professionals. The presentations were extremely informative on every level. It was also a wonderful opportunity to network and meet so many wonderful people…..”

“It was great! Will hopefully see you in cape cod soon for more great education.”

“I really enjoyed the conference and learned a great deal from the high caliber speakers that you assembled. I look forward to attending another one of the SEAK conferences in the future.”

“A hearty “thank you” to you and the team for another amazing conference. This is my 3rd year and an already great event seems to continue to improve.”

“Thank you Steve! It was a fantastic experience and I will be at future events.”

“It was a truly impactful conference! I learned a lot. Thank you so much for offering this.”

“You are such a high class act … … … .. not only the presenters and presentation but now even a thank you note! I will be brining my entire office of physiatrists and support team to Falmouth MA (effective testimony).” 

“It was certainly a terrific conference, full of great speakers and information.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class you taught Thursday and Friday.  This conference will certainly make my list of future events to attend.”

“Congratulations on another successful conference! It is impressive that, given the limited number of topics, you keep the meetings fresh with new speakers and new ideas. It was a fun experience, and I look forward to many more stimulating SEAK experiences.”

“I found it very useful and will certainly continue to attend future sessions. Thanks to you and your team.”

“Thank you Steve and Jim!  As usual, you delivered a memorable and rich learning opportunity.  I enjoyed the content, the location, and the networking immensely.  Keep up the fantastic work!”

“Very helpful!”

“Very informative.”

“Very well organized, with effective and knowledgeable teaching.”

“Very well planned & executed.”

“You guys do such a fantastic job that any comments on improving would be Monday morning quarterbacking GREAT JOB! Thank you.”



“Excellent, Steven is really effective at sharing his wisdom with the au