Expert Witness Services from SEAK

  One-on-One  Expert Witness Training

We provide one-on-one training for those witnesses desiring the highest level of individual attention. We are retained by both individuals and law firms to train and prepare witnesses.
SEAK has provided 1-1 training for hundreds of expert witnesses.

Our services include:

  • Mentoring
  • Report Writing Training/Assistance
  • Testimony preparation (with mock examinations, critiques and suggestions for improvement) for a key upcoming deposition, hearing or trial
  • Mock examinations with feedback
  • CV review and critique
  • Review and critique of past reports
  • Review and critique of past testimony (from provided transcripts)
  • Review and critique of web pages and marketing materials
  • Practice Development/Marketing consulting
  • Risk audit of practices and procedures

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customized training Customized Training for Expert Witnesses

We provide on-site training to corporations, associations and government agencies. Trainings are adapted to the particular needs of each client, focusing on many popular topics.

Customized on-site testifying training for corporations, associations, firms and governmental agencies. Representative clients include The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Department of Defense, The American Society of Civil Engineers, The American Society of Appraisers, The Financial Consulting Group, The IRS, The FAA, The Secret Service, The Securities and Exchange Commission, and The American Academy of Pain Medicine. Our list of corporate clients is kept confidential, but includes Fortune 500 Companies, top consulting organizations, and boutique professional practices.

Our services include:

Our training is adapted to the particular needs of each client.  We typically focus on a number of popular topics such as:

  • Direct examination and persuasion skills
  • Report Writing
  • Depositions
  • Cross-Examination
  • Legal Issues
  • Practice Management/Risk Management
  • Practice Development

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  Expert Witness Practice Development

Our personalized expert witness practice development service is designed for those experts who are serious about maximizing their chances of building a lucrative, sustainable expert witness practice.

SEAK’s personalized expert witness practice development service will show you how to make more money as an expert witness.

Specifically we:

  • Guide you on how to make yourself more attractive to attorneys;
  • Show you how to identify and position yourself in a lucrative niche;
  • Detail action steps to improve your chances of obtaining repeat business;
  • Provide a detailed step-by-step plan for how to spread the word of your availability to the right attorneys and law firms;
  • Identify threats to your success;
  • Detail action steps to correct these threats; and
  • Provide support and guidance as you implement our recommendations.

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testimony preparation  Testimony Preparation for Expert Witnesses

We are available to help experts as they prepare for key depositions, hearings and trial testimony. We step in when retaining counsel may not be willing or able to spend the time necessary to prepare.

Deposition, Trial and Daubert Hearing preparation/training

Preparation for key depositions, hearings and trial testimony.  We have prepared hundreds of expert witnesses in high stakes cases such as patent infringement, product liability, capital murder, antitrust, medical malpractice, and catastrophic injury.

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testimony preparation Expert Witness Report Writing Assistance

One-on-one assistance to show you how to write first rate expert witness reports.

The surest way to make significantly more money as an expert is to up your report-writing game. Experts who are at the top of their craft typically command premium fees and generate large volumes of repeat and word of mouth business. Your expert witness report is one of your main deliverables.  SEAK has worked individually with hundreds of experts to help them dramatically improve their report writing.

We assist experts with their reports in two main ways:

    1-1 Consultation with detailed and specific suggestions for improvement on a pending report.
    In-depth critique with line-by-line suggestions for improvement.

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