Expert witness training for firms, associations and governmental agencies. Customized, on-site or virtual. 

Customized on-site or virtual (live via Zoom) expert witness training for corporations, associations, firms and governmental agencies. Representative clients include The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Department of Defense, The American Society of Civil Engineers, The American Society of Appraisers, The Financial Consulting Group, The IRS, The FAA, The FDA, The Secret Service, The Securities and Exchange Commission, and The American Academy of Pain Medicine. Our list of corporate clients is kept confidential, but includes Fortune 500 Companies, top consulting organizations, and boutique professional practices.

Our Service

Our expert witness training is adapted to the particular needs of each client.  We typically focus on a number of popular topics such as:

  • Testifying Skills for Expert Witnesses (Deposition and/or Trial)

  • Expert Witness Report Writing

  • Expert Witness Business Development/Practice Management

  • Law for Expert Witnesses

  • How to Start, Build and Run a Successful Expert Witness Practice

Time Frame and Costs

SEAK’s customized expert witness programs can be taught at any requested level from introductory to advanced. Our training can be either virtual (live via Zoom) or in-person.  If you would like a quote for one of our training programs for your organization, please call Attorney Jim Mangraviti at 978-276-1234 or request a quote here.


“Hi Kelly,  Wow, fantastic training! I was in and out but was really impressed by what I was there for. It’s a long time to spend in front of a screen, so the fact that all of the attendees were so engaged speaks volumes to your instruction!”

“Nadine, We thought your presentation was great and really benefited our team.  [My colleague] and I were talking again today about you covering so many things we’ve had to learn the hard way or had never thought of.  Great job, and I appreciate your preparation in reviewing our company-specific reports and information.”

“Nadine, We all very much enjoyed and appreciated the excellent training course. Much food for thought for our team. We look forward to working with you again at some point.”

“Nadine, you were great! We had MANY follow-up conversations discussing our lessons and takeaways. People left very enthusiastic and complimented your ability to be interesting and informative for two straight days. Thank you!”

“Nadine, I hope your travels back home were smooth and that the cold weather has not been too much of a shock….We are just getting settled back at the office, so I will be able to start going through the questionnaires from our experts and organize the feedback for everyone. Personally, I have never attended a conference where I literally hung on words shared-especially over a two day period! You did an incredible job for us. We are very excited to learn that you are available [to teach again] in September.”

“Nadine, We have already received good feedback from several of our staff. Thank you for a great seminar. We hope you had a smooth trip home.”

“I can assure you that the group found it useful. (One even commented that it was fun.) The day went quickly. Your material was interesting, and it was paced right for the mix of people in the room. I personally liked your approach with the guys you put on the hot seat, using a combination of questions to make your point, praise when an answer was good, and a shift to hypothetical when they could whip out job details to defend themselves that you could not know in advance.”

“Nadine,  Thank you for everything you did in making yesterday’s training a success.  Overall, we found the training to be excellent, relevant, and extremely helpful.  It is probably one of the best training courses that [our Large Multinational Business Advisory Firm] has offered in years.”

“Thank you Nadine for another enthusiastic, “eye-opening” session for our eager, young students. They positively loved it! I do look forward to doing it again next year!”

“Jim, Thanks for visiting with us and sharing your knowledge and experience. The reviews so far have been excellent: interesting, understandable, and entertaining, too.”

“Jim, Thank you so much. The group really appreciated the class. Given their introverted nature and the challenging situations you put them in, that say a lot.  Your good nature and framing of the situation made it comfortable for them to do so. I loved the analogy about learning by falling off the bike!  Take care.”

“Thanks Steve and great job yesterday.  Very helpful and the staff really learned a lot.”

“Steve, As always, great, alarming, useful, sobering. Thanks so much for doing.”

“Nadine, It was truly a pleasure having you bring your great expertise and engaging training style to [our international consulting company] again!  All of your participants were raving about your style and what they were learning.  And certainly when I was in the room all of them were taking notes on almost your every word!  We look forward to continuing to work with you”

“Your presentation was excellent, I learned so much”

“Your class was fantastic, Thank you!”

“Great class!! Though I will rarely be deposed, I learned so much in your class to help my reports I write regularly.”

“What an outstanding class conducted by a great teacher/entertainer. I thoroughly enjoyed the class.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class even though I basically hid in the back the whole time!  It was well worth my investment in time and money.”

“The class was e excellent, great reminders concerning keeping foot out of mouth. Much learned.”
“The class was fantastic! Everyone loved it.”

“Hi James, Thank you for taking time to present the workshop. The attendees can’t say enough good things about the class. Thank you again for your help. “

“Jim, Thank you for coming down [to train our State Police Fingerprint Unit]. The training was engaging, informative and also at times entertaining. The training was indeed helpful and will assist any of us that may be called to testify.”

“Dear Steve, Thanks again for joining us at our annual education forum.  You received immediate rave reviews.  I speak for all in attendance that you knocked it out of the park. Sincerely, Mary Narayan, American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants”.

“Steve, I want to reach out to you and compliment Ms. Donovan’s training last week [at our engineering firm].  I have received many positive comments and want you to know SEAK has an outstanding presenter who is very knowledgeable.  We look forward to continuing our business relationship.”

“Mr. Babitsky, It was a pleasure having you here [at the FAA], and the attendees have given excellent reviews- with several attendees stating they now have a better understanding of what to say, what not to say, and how to prepare! Thank you for coming out here, and I look forward to working with you again.”

“Dear Jim, I took your class in February at the Appraisers Association in New York.  Yesterday I did my first expert witness testimony.  I thought your class prepared me well and I am glad I took it.”

“[Nadine] was EXCELLENT. She was very professional, knowledgeable and very, very patient. We certainly learned a lot. There are so many holes in our report writing so we do have some re-drafting to do and also the testifying bit… WOW. Really opened our eyes, even to seasoned witnesses. I’m so glad. I really think the entire [Law Enforcement Agency] would benefit from a course like this. I truly wish you all the best.”

“I finished my first deposition yesterday.  It ended up being all day with a lot of heated arguments between the attorneys. The attorney that hired me said he was extremely happy with how I answered the questions. I am quite appreciative of all that I learned at the symposium, especially your review of my resume and your comments to me.  Keep up the good work.”

“Thank you for a lively, fascinating, and informative expert witness seminar in San Francisco.  Your delivery was spot on and gave all of us a real taste of what it takes in the real world to achieve expert status.  I have recommended your site to my peers!”

“Thanks so much for an awesome conference! The information was great, but so was your presentation style – especially involving everyone.”

“Thank you so much for your SEAK presentation.  It was frightening and very helpful at the same time. You are obviously extremely smart and talented in what you do. Everyone that I spoke with agreed that the two days were extremely worthwhile. Thank you for all your handwork putting this together and for working with us.”

“Thank you so much for the fantastic presentation [of How to Be an Effective and Successful Expert Witness]!  The whole group was so impressed and is singing your praises!  Thank you so much, we’d love to have you back in the future!”

“The employees of the United States Secret Service Forensic Services Division laboratory extend our sincere appreciation for the interactive and informative session that you and the Honorable Judge Paul Chernoff offered on “How to Be an Effective Criminal Forensics Expert Witness”.  The objective of the training was to review current practices within the laboratory and recommend opportunities for improvement in the documentation and delivery of an expert’s credentials, forensic examination, and the examination results to a jury.

Overall, the training and personal experiences exceeded our expectations and we are grateful.

Thank you for your time and effort in preparing two days of specialized instruction that was insightful and meaningful to the laboratory staff and offering additional training material for our library to include the Bench Notes: A Judge’s Reflections for His Grandchildren, authored by Judge Chernoff.  We look forward to working with SEAK, Inc. in the future.”

“I just wanted to send a note thanking you for the excellent class this week.  I was really inspired by the degree to which you brought your passion and care for students into the classroom.  The fact that you were so prepared with [our company’s] materials made this a truly interactive class.  I received very positive and overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback from our people.  I had read two of your books on Depositions and Dangerous Expert Witness a few years ago, and I was the person who initially recommended your program.  You vastly exceeded my hopes for providing a meaningful experience that would really benefit our team.  Thank you again.”

“The two times you have led (expert witness) training sessions at our company meeting have been the best training sessions on ANY topics we have had in the past 14 years and you can quote me on that…I look forward to having you back.”

In recognition of your outstanding assistance to the FBI in connection with its investigative efforts. Your cooperation was of immeasurable help to our representatives. I share their gratitude for your support, which assisted them in carrying out their responsibilities. You can take pride in the role you played in the success achieved, and my associates and I congratulate you on a job well done.
-Robert S. Mueller, III, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

I have been reading and using Steve Babitsky’s and SEAK’s books and other materials for several years, usually when giving presentations on expert witness testimony. His materials are excellent. As President of the Financial Consulting Group, the largest organization of valuation, litigation services and fraud/forensics firms (the majority are CPA firms), I invited Mr. Babitsky to one of our annual conferences to give a one day seminar on litigation and expert witness issues. Steve received a perfect evaluation score of 5 out of 5 from the participants. It was the highest rated program we ever presented. All the participants raved about the seminar including both inexperienced and very experienced experts. I was also in attendance at Steve’s seminar and I can attest that it was very informative and a great learning experience. Mr. Babitsky knows this area well and has a talent for effective teaching. I highly recommend him.
-James R. Hitchner, CPA/ABV, ASA
Managing Director, The Financial Valuation Group
President, The Financial Consulting Group
Editor in Chief, Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert
President, Valuation Products and Services

Thank you for wowing the members! Thank you for making me look good! Thank you for sharing your special knowledge! You rock!
-Gail Brett Levine, GG, Executive Director
National Assoc. of Jewelry Appraisers

Thank you for your recent presentation of the Testifying Skills Workshop to our engineers and support staff. As you are aware, we are a forensic engineering consulting company whose engineers are frequently deposed in the course of their duties.
The training you provided was detailed and comprehensive. We were surprised that it covered areas from website content to information contained in curriculum vitae. The engineers especially found the mock depositions useful and gleaned new techniques to help them with their next tough cross-examination. The staff walked away talking about the relevancy to our day-to-day operations.
Because of the training, The Warren Group has begun to look at our internal operations with a new eye towards the engineer and our work product being “deposition ready.” We highly recommend this training to any other expert consultants who must face tough depositions in the course of their jobs.
-The Warren Group, Forensic Engineers
Jeffery H. Warren, Ph.D., P.E., CSP
Chief Engineer & CEO

I want to thank you and Jim for everything SEAK has done for the Continuing Education Department and our on-site training program. You are exceptional presenters and trainers and the impact and quality of your seminars and instruction is a consistent theme in the evaluations we receive from our participants. When we hear comments like “this is the best continuing ed course ever attended”, and “the value of attendance was beyond measure”, or “over the top- the best I have ever experienced” we know we have teamed with a wonderful tandem of professionals who are highly committed to helping our individual members and member organizations achieve their training and development objectives.
You are a pleasure to work with and your professionalism is unparalleled. You do a stellar job in working closely with our clients and in tailoring the training to their own specific set of goals and objectives and, in this way, you always project an outstanding image of the Society.
Please know your hard work and your dedication is truly appreciated by everyone here.
-John A. Wyrick
Manager, On-Site Training Worldwide
American Society of Civil Engineers

It is with great pleasure that I provide this recommendation for Steven Babitsky and James Mangraviti. My name is Donna Gumenuk and I am ASCE’s Senior Manager for Continuing Education Programs. Steven and James have provided training to ASCE members and others in the civil engineering community for over seven years. Their programs have been well received and consistently received ratings in the 9 and 10 category with 10 being excellent. I have attached two evaluations from their 2005 presentations for your review. Not only are they valued at ASCE for their fine presentation skills and technical expertise – but for their professionalism. Their response to any of my requests for information/explanation have been prompt and complete.
I am in a position where I deal with approximately 150 seminar leaders throughout the year. James and Steven are in the top 10% for their willingness to listen to ideas, explore new venues, and to realize my deadlines and for this I am truly grateful.
-Donna M. Gumenuk
American Society of Civil Engineers
Senior Manager, Continuing Education Programs

The American Society of Safety Engineers held a symposium on Law for the Safety, Health and Environmental Professional. Jim Mangraviti of SEAK, Inc., Falmouth, MA produced and delivered this program to 120 of our Safety Professional members.
Attendees were asked to complete an evaluation at the end of the program. Mr. Mangraviti received outstanding evaluation scores and comments from attendees. Our participants were very impressed with the quality of this program and the skill of the instructor.
Mr. Mangraviti has a unique ability to engage students in what could be dry subject matter. For this program, he took the elements of negligence and the basics of Civil Law and transformed this information into a highly successful interactive learning experience for attendees. Mr. Mangraviti designed this program so that attendees could experience the Law in the role of a law student and an attorney. Attendees participated in question and answer sessions, completed a “bar exam” with the highest scoring students receiving prizes, and served as attorneys and claimants in a mock trial.
I highly recommend Mr. Mangraviti as an instructor and SEAK, Inc. seminars. This was the second time I used SEAK seminars for ASSE members and would definitely call on them again to deliver education. Mr. Mangraviti was excellent to work with on both occasions. Because of my confidence in Mr. Mangraviti, I was able to organize this educational offering without concern for the quality of the program.
-Trudy Goldman, ARM
Manager, Education and Program Development
American Society of Safety Professionals

Re: Law School for Safety Professionals
It was a pleasure to attend such a well rounded, well presented training session. Very seldom does anyone attend such a training class with so much information, and interaction going on at one time and yet is able to comprehend each subject area. All of us at the Hawaii Chapter Veterans of Safety found this training everything that we thought it would be a more.
Most of us do presentations from time to time on various subject matters related to safety and health and we have a great appreciation for speakers who can keep the interest going. You did a wonderful job and we all will miss you. Next time your in Hawaii please give us a call.
-Jimmy Zane President
Hawaii Chapter Veterans of Safety

On behalf of the members of American Society of Appraisers, we would like to thank you for your time, talent and teamwork during the International Appraisal Conference in Kansas City. The conference was a tremendous success and we would like to acknowledge your part in help making it so. Your session entitled “Expert Witness Testifying Skills & Report Writing For Appraisers” was most enlightening and certainly stimulated a very interesting and informative educational session.
Taking the initiative and making the time for ASA says a lot about an individual and we know that members and nonmembers, such as you, are responsible for making ASA stand apart from other appraisal organizations. You do make a difference and are appreciated. Again, thank you for your commitment and dedication to the profession and helping achieve the standard of “excellence” we strive for in our educational programs.
-Janet P. Coe, CMP
Director of Meetings and Conferences
American Society of Appraisers

SEAK’s Law School for Jewelry Appraisers was a great success! James Mangraviti provided a well professionally developed and organized course of instruction similar to SEAK’s other “Law School for … Courses”, but slanted toward jewelry appraisers and containing appraisal and jewelry trade oriented examples. The class discussions generated between the instructor and conference participants were lively and educational. The copyrighted course manual provides a good overview of the law in general and applicable jewelry trade related issues in particular. The contractual agreement was easily developed and firmly adhered to from the inception of the proposal to the finished product.
This course was our second venture with SEAK and lived up to all of our expectations. Mr. Mangraviti is an excellent instructor and classroom moderator who obviously has a firm understanding of his topic and is able to relate with his audience in an easy going affable manner. We look forward to using our already developed course manual, and having this same course taught, at a date sometime in the near future.
-James V. Jolliff
DrEngr, CSM
Executive Director

The American Society of Consulting Arborists has worked with SEAK, Inc. for the last 4 years doing expert witness training. From the very beginning both Steve and Jim have been excellent to work with in taking our wishes and desires into consideration in the formulation of the workshops and summit programs. I cannot recommend them more highly. They are excellent in all aspects.
-Beth W. Palys, CAE
Executive Director
American Society of Consulting Arborists

This letter is written on behalf of SEAK, Inc., who has conducted four (4) consecutive Medical Legal Workshops in conjunction with the American Academy of Pain Medicine Annual Meetings in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. The 2003 pre-conference event had the highest attendance ever- a testament to the high quality of this program.
Steven Babitsky, Esq. and James Mangraviti, Jr., Esq. are outstanding presenters. Their ability to offer a hands-on course with interactive presentations keeps the attending physicians interested and involved. They consistently rank as some of the best speakers at our meetings, while the course itself always receives high marks from the attendees.
Participant comments from past courses include such statements as:
“I wouldn’t just recommend that my peers take this course, I would require it.”
“Great role-playing and examples.”
“Easy to ask questions.”
“This expert witness training workshop should have been taken by every healthcare professional after they graduate.”
“Frank, non-presumptuous, practical advice.”
Logistical planning and communication with SEAK, Inc. has been a pleasure. Planning for these pre-conferences is effortless, much to the advance preparation and professionalism of SEAK, Inc. On behalf of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, I would not hesitate to recommend this course.
-Kimberly Kutska
American Academy of Pain Medicine

On behalf of our CME Committee, John L. Chase, MD, FACS, and everyone at Benchmark Medical Consultants, we would like to sincerely thank you for your participation in our medical-legal seminar on May 5, 2007.
Your knowledge, experience and insight was extremely valuable to the further education of these medical-legal consultants and to the success of this CME activity. The comments from the participants on their evaluation forms were very favorable, as you have seen. These indicate that your presentation was effective, informative and addressed the objectives of the seminar. We would also be interested in any feedback you might have about the overall presentation.
I will be meeting with our CME Committee shortly to discuss next year’s seminar. Given the success and effectiveness of your presentation, we may want to repeat it in the spring or fall of 2008, or present something slightly different, but with the same focus on improving testimony skills. Let me know if you would be interested.
Thanks again!
-Craig Vreeken
CME Director
Benchmark Medical Consultants

Steven Babitsky, Esq. and James Mangraviti, Jr., Esq. of SEAK, Inc., recently presented a customized medicolegal training seminar to our Rhode Island Neurological Association. They did an extraordinary job. Our members found their interactive style quite engaging. They provided us with an enormous amount of information during the day-long event yet no one was fatigued or bored. In short, it was one of the most valuable and enjoyable seminars that we have attended.
-Jeffrey Wishik, MD, JD
Rhode Island Neurological Association

Congratulations on an extremely successful expert witness training seminar which you presented on Saturday March 23rd at the Hyatt Newporter Hotel in Newport Beach, CA. The reviews have been outstanding and those folks that I spoke with were so thrilled with what they learned and how the day was presented. No one fell asleep which is a plus for you and for us and in fact I haven’t seen a room full of people so wide-awake all day long.
It was a pleasure to work with both of you. You make it all so easy! We at Forensic Expert Witness Association look forward to a very long and productive relationship for the future.
-Norma S. Fox
Executive Director
Forensic Expert Witness Association

Thanks and you put on a tremendous training program for the team. It was a pleasure meeting you and we look forward to working with you again.