1-1 Expert Witness Practice Development Assistance

Experts who understand how to promote their expert witness practice do far better financially than those who don’t. SEAK has worked individually with hundreds of experts to show them exactly what they can do to be more successful.

Our personalized expert witness practice development service is designed for those experts who are serious about maximizing their chances of building a successful, sustainable expert witness practice.

SEAK’s personalized expert witness practice development service will show you how to be more financially successful as an expert witness.

Specifically we:

  • Guide you on how to make yourself more attractive to attorneys;
  • Show you how to identify and position yourself in a helpful niche;
  • Detail action steps to improve your chances of obtaining repeat business;
  • Provide a detailed step-by-step plan for how to spread the word of your availability to the right attorneys and law firms;
  • Identify threats to your success;
  • Detail action steps to correct these threats; and
  • Provide support and guidance as you implement our recommendations.

How we assist expert witnesses with their Marketing and Business Development

We take a holistic approach (including your CV, web presence, reports, and testifying skills) and provide our clients with a customized point-by-point action plan to grow their expert witness revenues.

TIME FRAME, COSTS & LOGISTICS: We typically work via email and telephone or video conference as needed depending on your availability. Under certain circumstances, we can produce an action plan within a few days. Our fees are time based. 1-1 assistance from SEAK is often surprisingly affordable as our vast experience allows us to work very quickly & efficiently. 

If you have any questions about working with SEAK, please call Attorney Jim Mangraviti at 978-276-1234 for a quote or click here. SEAK’s fees are based on the scope of the assignment.


“Good Evening Mr. Mangraviti. Thank you for your help with my ad on SEAK.  I just received a call this week from a client interested in an expert witness to review his case regarding child neglect.  Your advice was spot on and helped my land my first case!”

“Over the past year or two there has been a dramatic and good change in the medical legal practice. Thanks of course to you both. The percentage of out-of-state referrals has skyrocketed. These are higher paying cases as you know, and our revenue has gone up accordingly. I think there will be several five figure cases out of it as a result.”

“Jim, I wanted to let you know that the blogs on your website are working. I have had two leads in the last week from the … article. One I had to decline due to a conflict. I did a telephone interview for the second. I would be very surprised if I don’t get it. I am working on the [next] article. I hope to have it for you next week.”

“Jim, Thank you for the feedback. I have never been more excited about my future. You are great to work with and I sincerely appreciate your help in developing a game plan. I have already gotten two calls regarding my services from individuals outside of my regional market since implementing some of the changes you have suggested. I look forward to working with you/Seak as I grow my business nationally!”

“Just got a fraud case. USDOJ. Good call on the ad.”

“[7 new cases] came in today. Looking forward to our December meeting. We have created a monster.”

“Business is going fantastic. The ad you wrote for me is bringing in a bunch of new business. I expected a lull around the holidays but my phone just kept ringing.”

“Jim, My Medical-Legal practice is booming, in large part thanks to you. Projected increase in per annum revenue up 60%.”

“Hope you’re well….for me its been a banner 2019 – probably 4x last year by the time the year closes out.”

“Hello Jim. We worked together 2 or so years ago. At the time I had not been retained on any matters. I have since been retained on 12 separate cases; some with reports and some without. I have now been deposed twice, both with a video. I actually had to take my SEAK listing down, I was getting too much work and I couldn’t keep up with it all.”

“Jim, I just got a case!! One million thanks! I just ordered the SEAK Contract and I am very grateful to you!”

“Jim, I just got your invoice for $1250. I am sending a check for $2,000. The extra is gratuity from me to you. Your time was worth every penny!!!”

“My consulting is on fire, thanks to you and SEAK.”

“Sent letters to prior clients and started an email campaign after hiring someone from UpWork to make a very long contact list. Result: 3 cases in 3 days–All at the $600/hour rate that you suggested.”

“Hello Jim, A few months ago, you advised me regarding an increase in my hourly rate, and you asked that I let you know about the effect that the increase had on my expert witness business. My rate had been $500/hour for the previous 3 years, and on October 1, 2018 I increased my rate to $650/hour. It looks like the increase in rate will not make any appreciable difference in the number of cases I get, which was exactly my goal. Once again, thanks for the advice to increase my rate… you were right again!”

“Hi Steve, When I read the ad that you wrote, I was really blown away. You obviously have an extraordinary talent for condensing and reworking text to make it sound powerful and compelling. This is something that is definitely NOT in my skill set, which is one of many reasons I am glad we are working together.”

“Jim, I have been contacted about 6 cases in the past week and a half. Holy Hell, what is going on? Two defense cases and four plaintiff cases. (One former client, one that turned me down a few months ago for a different case b/c they didn’t like a clause in my contract, three word of mouth referrals, and one referral agency case. I think this expert witness thing is taking off. To think I was worried months ago about where to find cases.”

“Jim: After many months of absolutely nothing, I was thinking that my run patent expert witnessing had come to an end — my technical specialty just wasn’t in demand that much any more. I was starting to shift into “retired” mode. Then on Valentines day, I got a very solid inquiry through the SEAK web directory, then two more later in the week where they just said “Google Search”. All three called to do a phone interview, and said they would recommend me to the partners in their law firms. I will be thinking about topics for some more Blog articles. The ones I did, plus the SEO you suggested, seems to be paying off.”

“Dear “Genius” Jim- I just received a case regarding hospital liability, breakdowns of communication and problems regarding the “systems of systems”. We should be filing an affidavit this week. Everyone should do what Jim says! (except Ms. Jim, of course).”

“I’d like to thank both of you Jim and Steve. I did a very good investment of my time by taking a total of about 30 days educations with you. (It might be that I got the record). I learned so much from you. As a result, I think that I have a return on investment of about 1,000X …..I have now a very good business, and I’m rejecting a lot of work. I don’t have time. This is good. Thanks “

“You were right about stuff happening quick. Got a call yesterday for a case. Thank you so-ooo much!”

“Thanks to [what you taught me] I am being bombarded with large cases.”

“Jim, You counseled me one on one about 1 1/2 years ago on developing and fine tuning my med-legal practice. Your recommendations have proven to be spot on and my practice is growing as a result. I was VERY pleased and want to thank you for your help.”

“Steve—your assistance and professionalism has been invaluable. I would be happy to serve as a reference for other experts seeking your guidance and expertise.”

“I am now the top Google hit when searching [for my area of expertise]. I tried this on various computers to be certain it wasn’t due to a cookie unique to my computer. This is a very impressive outcome!”

“Your marketing assistance was enormously helpful, Jim. It’s made a huge difference. I am getting exactly the types of cases I want (big ones) and am actually too busy now. Many thanks.”

“Your contributions to my career development are Golden”

“Your coaching has been very helpful to me and has brought me more business. Thanks! I will be using your services again in the future”

“I had a fantastic year in 2012, helped in no small way by your preparation prior to my first appearance on the witness stand.”

“Although I was a little skeptical when I retained you to assist me in building an expert witness practice, I was very pleasantly surprised with the care and attention you have given me throughout this process. You have helped me get my forensic practice off to a great start, have been a pleasure to deal with, and your guidance has helped me avoid several potentially major business mistakes as well as stay on task and in motion forward. Part consultant, part therapist, you’ve been there for me throughout, helping me think through several pivotal professional decisions. In short, the entire experience has been extremely helpful, and your guidance has been invaluable. I don’t know what I would have done without you through this process. I am forever indebted! And if anyone would ever want to talk about my experience one-on-one, please have them call me!”

“Since you coached me, a year or so ago, I have received about 20 Assignments in 5 States. So, my referral network is building and my experience is developing , with excellent reports and results.”

“A new record for me – being retained for 3 cases at the same time by the same attorney, all funded by evergreen retainer. Thanks again for your coaching.”

“I hired SEAK to assist me with my forensic marketing. They carefully reviewed my current and past cases and talked to me about what cases I enjoyed, was good at and that were lucrative. They helped me identify an excellent niche. In the past year I have more than doubled my forensic income and am getting great cases that I excel at in my new niche”