Personalized Expert Witness Practice Development/Mentoring

//Personalized Expert Witness Practice Development/Mentoring
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A successful expert witness practice can easily be worth over $100,000/year and millions of dollars over the course of an expert’s career.

Our Service

SEAK’s personalized expert witness practice development service will show you how to make more money as an expert witness.  Specifically, we:

  • guide you on how to make yourself more attractive to attorneys;
  • show you how to identify and position yourself in a lucrative niche;
  • detail action steps to improve your chances of obtaining repeat business;
  • provide a detailed step-by-step plan for how to spread the word of your availability to the right attorneys and law firms;
  • identify threats to your success;
  • detail action steps to correct these threats; and
  • provide support and guidance as you implement our recommendations.

SEAK’s fees are based on the scope of the assignment.  Please call Attorney Jim Mangraviti at 978-276-1234 for a quote.


“Jim, I have been contacted about 6 cases in the past week and a half.  Holy Hell, what is going on?  Two defense cases and four plaintiff cases.  (One former client, one that turned me down a few months ago for a different case b/c they didn’t like a clause in my contract, three word of mouth referrals, and one referral agency case. I think this expert witness thing is taking off. To think I was worried months ago about where to find cases.”

“Jim: After many months of absolutely nothing, I was thinking that my run patent expert witnessing had come to an end — my technical specialty just wasn’t in demand that much any more. I was starting to shift into “retired” mode. Then on Valentines day,  I got a very solid inquiry through the SEAK web directory, then two more later in the week where they just said “Google Search”. All three called to do a phone interview, and said they would recommend me to the partners in their law firms.I will be thinking about topics for some more Blog articles. The ones I did, plus the SEO you suggested, seems to be paying off.”

“Dear “Genius” Jim- I just received a case regarding hospital liability, breakdowns of communication and problems regarding the “systems of systems”. We should be filing an affidavit this week. Everyone should do what Jim says! (except Ms. Jim, of course).”

“I’d like to thank both of you Jim and Steve. I did a very good investment of my time by taking a total of about 30 days educations with you. (It might be that I got the record). I learned so much from you. As a result, I think that I have a return on investment of about 1,000X …..I have now a very good business, and I’m rejecting a lot of work. I don’t have time. This is good. Thanks “

“You were right about stuff happening quick. Got a call yesterday for a case. Thank you so-ooo much!”

“Jim, This is working out well for me, thank you for your guidance. [I have had 26 case inquiries since starting to work with you a few months ago]. In 2016 I will be more mobile, work less and make same.”

“Thanks to [what you taught me] I am being bombarded with large cases.”

“Jim, You counseled me one on one about 1 1/2 years ago on developing and fine tuning my med-legal practice. Your recommendations have proven to be spot on and my practice is growing as a result. I was VERY pleased and want to thank you for your help.”

“Steve—your assistance and professionalism has been invaluable. I would be happy to serve as a reference for other experts seeking your guidance and expertise.”

“Hi Steve!  I know you like to hear about this type of problem, but right now I am SO busy with cases (have 5 active, just got another one today) that I may have to consider even another rate increase over $750/hr. Amazing.”

“Jim, Thanks to the great training and support from SEAK, I just countersigned my 80th retention agreement. I would never have made it through the twists and traps without your books, videos, conferences, and personal mentoring. Thank you!”

“I am now the top Google hit when searching [for my area of expertise]. I tried this on various computers to be certain it wasn’t due to a cookie unique to my computer. This is a very impressive outcome!”

“Your marketing assistance was enormously helpful, Jim.  It’s made a huge difference.  I am getting exactly the types of cases I want (big ones) and am actually too busy now.  Many thanks.”

“Your contributions to my career development are Golden”

“Your coaching has been very helpful to me and has brought me more business. Thanks! I will be using your services again in the future”

“I am doing very well with this work and was forced to raise my rates to $750/hr as I was running out of time to do this, and was hoping that this would slow some work down. Well it hasn’t significantly slowed and I still have a ton of work at this rate, which means I may have to consider raising them again so that I will have at least some free time. Not a bad problem to have! Thank you sir for all of your help in getting me started!”

“If the second half of the year is as profitable as the first half, I will surpass seven figures for the year. Who would have thunk it?!! … I hope that you are getting much [joy] from my success.”

“I had a fantastic year in 2012, helped in no small way by your preparation prior to my first appearance on the witness stand.”

“Although I was a little skeptical when I retained you to assist me in building an expert witness practice, I was very pleasantly surprised with the care and attention you have given me throughout this process. You have helped me get my forensic practice off to a great start, have been a pleasure to deal with, and your guidance has helped me avoid several potentially major business mistakes as well as stay on task and in motion forward. Part consultant, part therapist, you’ve been there for me throughout, helping me think through several pivotal professional decisions. In short, the entire experience has been extremely helpful, and your guidance has been invaluable. I don’t know what I would have done without you through this process. I am forever indebted! And if anyone would ever want to talk about my experience one-on-one, please have them call me!”

“Since you coached me, a year or so ago, I have received about 20 Assignments in 5 States. So, my referral network is building and my experience is developing , with excellent reports and results.”

“A new record for me – being retained for 3 cases at the same time by the same attorney, all funded by evergreen retainer. Thanks again for your coaching.”

“Looking at 2008, my forensic revenue (gross) was about 200k(up from 60 K when we met), clinical about 240K. I expect the latter to decrease in 2009 with the economy. The forensic is more unpredictable, but Jan. has been gangbusters. I expect to bill between 30 and 38 K, depending on whether one particular case goes to trial next week(or settles). I am very grateful that I discovered you along life’s course. Besides being remunerative, I love the work itself–the reviews, the reports, the depositions and trials and also believe that I am making a contribution to my field in the process.”

“I hired SEAK to assist me with my forensic marketing. They carefully reviewed my current and past cases and talked to me about what cases I enjoyed, was good at and that were lucrative. They helped me identify an excellent niche. In the past year I have more than doubled my forensic income and am getting great cases that I excel at in my new niche”