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How to Start & Build an Expert Witness Practice

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How Much Should an Expert Witness Charge?

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Expert Witness Retention Contract
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How to Write an Expert Witness Report
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How to get started as an expert witness

How to write an expert witness report

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I just attended your How to Start, Build and Run a Successful Expert Witness Practice in Mission Bay.  It was one of the best and most valuable seminars that I have ever attended.  After 45-years of CPA practice, that is a lot of seminars.  I have been involved in expert witness cases for only two years (two trial testimonies and 1 arbitration settlement).  You identified a lot of mistakes that I have been making so I am grateful to have learned this before I am run out of the business before it gets going. I signed up for your directory, purchased your Retention Agreement Program and, previously purchased the A-Z Guide.  After I delve into building my expert witness business some more, I may seek your assistance in improving and marketing my business. Thank you, Nadine and Dr. Baker for a job well done.
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