How to Become an Expert Witness

How to Get Started with SEAK

Expert witnessing can be a very lucrative endeavor.  The experts SEAK works with commonly charge $300-$1,000/hour and often can see their earnings grow to several hundred thousand dollars per year.  Over the course of an expert’s career, this can easily amount to millions of dollars in potential earnings. This is even more impressive given that the work is often part time and work from home.

We often get asked, “how can I become an expert witness?”

Expert witnessing is a field where your reputation is all important. Your reputation will be based on the quality of your work product (reports, testimony, etc.) as well as how easy you are to deal with.  Experts who develop excellent reputations often see their practices grow exponentially.  On the other hand, experts who make avoidable mistakes can destroy their reputation and kill the proverbial golden goose.

With so much money on the line it is critical that experts do a superb job and develop the reputation of a “go to” expert witness.  This is where SEAK can help.  We have shown thousands of professionals how to become an expert witness and how to do this work at the highest level and avoid career ending hidden pitfalls.  Please see some of the testimonials we have received.

Getting Started as an expert witness with SEAK – Recommended First Steps

If you think expert witnessing may be a good fit for you, we highly recommend taking (live in-person or stream) SEAK’s signature “How to Start, Build, and Run a Successful Expert Witness” course.  This is SEAK’s most popular expert witness training program. You will be ready to start accepting cases immediately upon completion of the course.

seak how to start expert witness practice

You will learn:

  • The role of expert witnesses in civil litigation,
  • What attorneys are looking for from their experts,
  • How to properly define your area(s) of expertise and practice areas,
  • How to draft a curriculum vitae appropriate for expert witness work,
  • How to get cases,
  • How to avoid ethical problems and maintain your integrity,
  • The essentials of expert witness report writing,
  • How to set your fee and collect it,
  • What to bill for and when,
  • How to draft a retention agreement to protect your rights,
  • How to form defensible opinions,
  • Techniques for maintaining your independence and objectivity,
  • How to exceed expectations,
  • How to build a tremendous reputation,
  • Ethics,
  • Expert witness risk management techniques, and
  • Much, much more.

The course is available both online (stream on-demand) and live in-person

To stream  How to Start, Build, and Run a Successful Expert Witness
For the live in-person course; How to Start, Build , and Run a Successful Expert Witness Practice

Here is a short video describing this highly-acclaimed live, in person training program:

We recommend this program even for experts who have been doing expert witness work for some time.  Numerous highly experienced experts have taken “How to Start, Build and Run a Successful Expert Witness Practice” Seminar and they universally have found it to be highly helpful.

We also recommend purchasing our Expert Witness Starter’s Pack consisting of:

Progression of  Your Expert Witness Training –
Continuing Your Education with SEAK

SEAK’s “How to Start, Build and Run an Expert Witness Practice” does not cover testifying skills (we don’t have time in two days).  You will eventually be called to testify and must be able to do so at a high level, in order to be successful long term.

After completing “How to Start, Build and Run an Expert Witness Practice” we next recommend you take one or more of our signature two-day courses focusing on testifying at deposition and trial.  These training programs are hands-on programs like you have probably never experienced before. We feature learning via lecture, questions and answers, videos of experts testifying in real cases, and mock trial/depo demonstrations.  Testifying training courses are often offered in the two days immediately following “How to Start, Build and Run an Expert Witness Practice” and most experts sign up for both courses (for a total of four days of training).

For a list of upcoming expert witness training seminars.

Short videos discussing our highly acclaimed expert witness training programs

For those who are serious about developing their skills we also offer training programs on Expert Witness Report Writing and Business Development for expert witnesses as well as an annual national conference with presentations from judges, trial attorneys and thought leaders in the industry.

SEAK can help you develop your expert witness business.

SEAK’s Expert Witness Directory is the #1 rated expert witness directory.  We even offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on standard listings for new members. To place a listing in the SEAK Directory please click here.

We also offer an intensive two-day training program “How to Make More Money as an Expert Witness.”

In addition, our attorney consultants are also available to work with you individually to assist you in growing and improving your expert witness practice.


Please feel free to call us at (508) 457-1111 and we would be delighted to answer any questions we can about how SEAK can help you succeed as an expert witness.  You can also direct your questions via email to  We look forward to being of assistance.