Jim: Hi, I’m Attorney Jim Mangraviti from SEAK, the expert witness training company and I’m here with the president and founder of SEAK, Attorney Steve Babitsky. We’re gonna talk a little bit today, Steve’s gonna talk about our expert witness training course, “Advanced Testifying Skills for Expert Witnesses: The Masters Program.” Steve, who should attend SEAK’s, “Advanced Testifying Skills: The Masters Program” course?

Steve: This course is advanced and is most appropriate for experienced expert witnesses.

Jim: And how important are testifying skills to expert witnesses?

Steve: It’s extremely important Jim, as you know, experts who testify well are highly sought out by attorneys and other clients. They obtain more business and are able to develop a highly lucrative expert witness practice.

Jim: And what will an expert learn if they attend this course, Steve?

Steve: They’re gonna learn a series of extremely important lessons. How to protect yourself from attacks on your credibility and credentials, how to form airtight defensible opinions, best practices for preparing to testify at deposition and trial, how to defeat opposing counsels tactics, how to master the art of persuasion during direct examination, how and when to go on the offense of doing cross examination.

Jim: Steve, how long has SEAK been putting on this course?

Steve: Jim, we’ve been putting on this course for over 15 years and hundreds of expert witnesses have successfully taking this course.

Jim: And Steve, do you personalize the course in any way?

Steve: Yes, we absolutely do. We request CV’s, curricula vitaes, and sample reports from attendees if they have them available. We also conduct independent research on our attendees. We utilize all this material and information to conduct a live unscripted mock trial exercises to help the attendees get real life experience and learn from watching these numerous demonstrations. This is an extremely crucial part of becoming an expert witness. When experts participate in these exercises they learn a tremendous amount. When the attendees see these exercises and demonstrations they also learn a lot of information.

Jim: Are continuing education credits available?

Steve: Yes, for many disciplines the answer is yes. Please call us at 508-457-1111 or visit our website at testifyingtraining.com for more details on our continuing education credits.

Jim: Where can I learn about upcoming SEAK Expert Witness Training seminars?

Steve: You can find our current list of expert witness training here, or call us at 508-457-1111.