Steve: My name is Steve Babitsky. I’m the President of SEAK Incorporated, the expert witness training company. I’m here today with my partner, Attorney James Mangraviti, to discuss our two-day interactive training seminar, “How to Be an Effective Expert Witness.” Jim, who should attend “How to Be an Effective Expert Witness?”

James: Anybody who serves as an expert witness who wants to do better at deposition and trial. And we’ll teach you how.

Steve: And what types of specialities and disciplines is “How to Be an Effective Expert Witness” appropriate for?

James: The techniques that we teach are appropriate for all disciplines. We’ll have anybody from arborists to urologists, and everything, and everything in between. So it’s appropriate for all experts, Steve.

Steve: Jim, what will experts learn in this course?

James: We’re going to show you how to markedly improve your performance at both deposition and trial during direct and cross-examination.

Steve: What teaching methodology do you use to make this course both interesting, effective and memorable?

James: We’ve been doing this a long time. We use four methodologies that we find are really, really helpful. Number one, we do lecture. And we give people a very detailed course book, and we cover a lot of that course book. And there’s a lot of didactic lecture. Number two, we want to answer your questions. So we’ll answer any questions that we have, as many as we can, in the class. Number three, which people find very, very helpful, is we show video clips of experts testifying in real cases, and what we’ll do with those is we’ll comment on what’s effective and what’s not effective in those clips. And the fourth thing that we do, which is really fun, is we get materials from the experts in advance and then we do many, many cross-examination and deposition examples. We’re actually cross-examining and deposing these people in class and then critiquing it. So we really keep it moving, we really keep it interesting, and I think that the attendees will find it very, very enjoyable.

Steve: Do you personalize this training at all, Jim?

James: Yeah. Like I said, we’ll do these deposition and mock trial examples and exercises, and the way we get the information from that is we review an enormous amount of material. We ask each attendee to send to us a C.V. and a redacted expert witness report if they have one. And then we’ll also do independent research on these people. And we use all this information to prepare hard, to do very, very realistic cross-examination, direct examination, and deposition examination mock demonstrations.

Steve: So are continuing education credits available to attendees?

James: Absolutely. We have a lot of credits available. Give us a call or visit our website and we can give you the list of credits that are available.

Steve: How does an expert witness find out about the upcoming courses that SEAK offers?

James: You can find our current list of expert witness training here. We hope to see you there.