Jim: Hi, I’m Attorney Jim Mangraviti. I’m with SEAK, Inc, the expert witness training company, and I’m here with the president and founder of SEAK, Inc., Attorney Steve Babitsky. We’re going to talk today about SEAK’s advanced marketing program, How To Market Your Expert Witness Program with Personalized Attention. Steve, who is this course most appropriate for?

Steve: This course is appropriate for experts of all disciplines, who want to develop their expert witness practice and obtain both interesting and lucrative assignments.

James: Does it matter what specialty the expert witness is?

Steve: Jim, it really doesn’t matter. The business development practice is in strategies that are taught in this course are universal and are to be utilized by experts in all disciplines to build a highly successful expert witness practice. Our faculty has experience with and has assisted in numerable types of expert witnesses.

Jim: What will an expert learn in SEAK’s advanced marketing course with personalized attention?

Steve: It’s a two-day course, it’s interactive, and it’s intense, and there’s a lot to learn. First, how to identify and position yourself in a lucrative niche. Nothing is more important than finding a lucrative niche as an expert witness if you can find one. Easy ways to make yourself more attractive to potential clients. What you can and should do to maximize repeat and word of mouth referrals. The gold standard in expert witness marketing is repeat business and referrals.

BullsEye expert witness marketing, how to target the subset of attorneys that are most likely to hire you. You can’t do this kind of marketing in the short-term approach. There are 800,000 attorneys in the United States. You have to pre-select the market of attorneys that you can market to and that can give you expert witness cases. How to avoid backlashes from inappropriate business development activities. We saw some of that in all of our training. You want to avoid those kinds of things. Numerous proven techniques to land cases. The bottom line in expert witnessing is you have to get the cases and do an excellent job.

Jim: Steve, how were you able to personalize this training to the needs of each and every attendee?

Steve: Jim, each attendee is going to leave the course with a written critique and action plan. In addition to that, the experts are going to submit their CV, and we’re going to give them a critique on their CV, their past marketing activities, and other similar things in the course.

Jim: Where can I learn about upcoming SEAK expert witness training seminars?

Steve: You can find our current list of expert witness training here, or call us at 508-457-1111.