Steve: My name is Steve Babitsky, president of SEAK Incorporated, the expert witness training company. I’m here today with my partner, Attorney James Mangraviti, to discuss our two-day interactive training seminar, “How to Start, Build and Run a Successful Expert Witness Practice.” Jim, who should attend this course?

James: Steve, this is the course for both new experts who are just getting started, and for experienced experts who are looking to take their practice to the next level. This is SEAK’s most popular course for expert witnesses and the best place for new expert witnesses to start.

Steve: Jim, are you saying that this course is both for experienced and inexperienced expert witnesses?

James: Absolutely. We have a lot of experienced expert witnesses take this course. As a matter of fact, we had an expert just today who took the course who had testified over 500 times. He got a lot out of it.

Steve: What will attendees learn in “How to Start, Build and Run a Successful Expert Witness Practice?”

James: A lot, specifically, what an expert should and should not do, what successful expert witnesses have in common, how you can develop a niche to assist your practice, how to pull together an appropriate C.V., how to bulletproof yourself and your opinions, how to run your practice, billing, document retention, scheduling, and things like that, how to properly interact with retaining counsel and manage that relationship, how to write an expert witness report, how to set your fee, what to have in your contract, and how to get paid, how to market and expand your practice, and ethics and risk management.

Steve: So do you personalize this training at all, Jim?

James: Absolutely. So what we do, Steve, is prior to the conference, we’re going to send out emails and request both a C.V. and a sample redacted report from the experts in our class, if they have it. Then we’ll also do independent research on these experts. We’ll use all this material for in-class demonstrations where we cross-examine the experts and talk about these things. We find it very, very memorable and highly effective.

Steve: So who teaches this course, Jim?

James: What we do, Steve, is we have the course taught by both an experienced lawyer, like myself, who’s an expert in expert witnessing issues, and a successful expert witness. We give you both those perspectives.

Steve: So are continuing education credits available to attendees?

James: Absolutely. We have a lot of credits available. Give us a call, or visit our website, and we can give you the list of credits that are available.

Steve: How does an expert witness find out about the upcoming courses that SEAK offers?

James: You can find our current list of expert witness training here.

We hope to see you there.