How to Use Charts, Graphs and Photos to Enhance an Expert Witness Report

Add charts, graphs, timelines, and labeled photographs with explanations, so… Because this is really taking your reports to the next level.

Look at this person’s chart. See the color? This is also in your book. This is on… This is also near page 119 with the sample charts and whatnot. Look at this. So, they have color. Really, really good, color charts, so you can really differentiate where the lines go, right. Really good stuff.

Here, we’re just taking it to the next level. You’ll get a lot of engineering reports like this. They’re actually… Do we have an example of that? See these charts? Really, really good stuff. You have these in your book.

Here, it’s tough to see on this image. Not only are they doing photographs, but they’re doing arrows within the photograph. You guys are doing that all the time, Rita, right? It’s a really nice touch.

Here’s some more examples. This one here, they put the arrows in red, right? Really, really good. Notice the headers up here, which is good stuff.

Okay. So, formatting, we’ve talked about some of this stuff.