“I attended your recent advanced training in Florida. I testified yesterday in court, the first such testimony since the training. It was a huge success as I felt for the first time, completely comfortable with my opinion, my report and my testimony. I have been doing expert witness work for quite some time, but have only started testifying more in recent years. I have observed others, completed various trainings and as you know there is a steep learning curve in this area, so have learned from every experience—good and especially, bad. Your class though was the “tipping point” in terms of me finally understanding and being able to implement testifying skills, starting with a completely reasoned opinion and ending with educating the court, remaining calm and speaking clearly and directly. I especially learned from watching all the witnesses get grilled at your training—seeing what experts look like when they can’t give a straight answer or are defensive really was instructive and eye opening. There were many take aways from the class but I especially liked Jim’s quote from The Art of War—he who is strong everywhere, is strong nowhere. I was able to give where I needed to and stand firm, where I wouldn’t. The other side should send their expert to your training…”