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Learn How to Excel and Succeed as an Expert Witness

We provide one-on-one training and mentoring for those expert witnesses desiring the highest level of individual attention. We are retained by both individuals and law firms to train and prepare witnesses. >>
Our personalized expert witness practice development service is designed for those experts who are serious about maximizing their chances of building a lucrative, sustainable expert witness practice. >>
We are available to help experts as they prepare for key depositions, hearings and trial testimony. We step in when retaining counsel may not be willing or able to spend the time necessary to prepare. >>
SEAK's Expert Witness Directory contains 1,500+ experts and is one of the largest and most comprehensive expert directories in the country, and is free to use. Experts deal directly with retaining counsel with no additional costs for the retaining party to bear.>>

We provide on-site training to corporations, associations and government agencies. Trainings are adapted to the particular needs of each client, focusing on many popular topics. >>
Our store features training products (books, videos, whitepapers) and full seminars for expert witnesses. Our training materials and seminars are for experts of all specialties and all levels of testifying experience. >>
Interested in bringing SEAK to your office for a completely customized testifying training session? Call 978-276-1234 or click here to receive a quote. Take the first step in becoming an expert witness. >>
SEAK can show you how to write top-notch reports that will earn you the reputation of a go to expert witness. A high-quality expert witness report is critically important. Experts who learn how to draft bulletproof reports are highly valuable and highly sought after.>>

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