Errata Sheets in Alabama are governed statutorily by Alabama’s Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 30. ALA. CODE § 5-30(e) (2017). Rule 30(e) states that once the transcript is complete it should be given to the witness to examine and read unless the witness or both parties have agreed to waive this step. Id. The witness can make changes in form or substance to the testimony. Id. If changes are made the witness must provide a statement of reasons for the changes, and then the deposition officer will enter said changes into the deposition. Id. Then, the witness should sign the deposition unless the parties have mutually agreed to waive the signature. Id. The witness must sign within 30 days of the date the transcript is submitted to the witness for examination, and if the witness does not sign within 30 days, the deposition officer may sign and the transcript and it will be considered fully signed. Id.

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