Jury instructions in Kentucky are not compiled in a single source as with most states. Instead, Rule 51 of Kentucky’s Rules of Civil Procedure provides that the court can require the parties to submit jury instructions to be given to the jury. KY. REV. STAT. ANN. § 6.51 (West 2017). Case law provides that jury instructions should be “bare bones” in civil cases. Olfice Inc. v. Wilkey, 173 S.W.3d 226 (Ky. 2005). Further, the instructions should strike a balance between providing the jury with sufficient information while also explaining the appropriate legal duties the jury is charged with. Id. Lastly, case law provides that since jury instructions are minimal, “it becomes the role of counsel, then, to flesh out during closing argument the legal nuances that are not included within the language of the instruction.” Id.

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