Jury instructions regarding expert witnesses in Tennessee are outlined in Tennessee’s Civil Pattern Jury Instructions, Rule 2.30. TENN. PRACTICE PATTERN JURY INSTR. CIVIL 2.30 (2017). This rule instructs the jury that expert witnesses are able to testify as to their opinions regarding the matter at hand. Id. The rule also provides that the jury has the authority to determine how much weight and credibility to place on each expert’s testimony. Id. When determining this, the rule instructs the jury to consider the “education, qualifications, and experience of the witness; and the credibility of the witness; and the facts relied upon by the witness to support the opinion; and the reasoning used by witnesses to arrive at the opinion.” Id. Lastly, the jury can accept or reject the expert’s testimony. Id.; Reeves v. Olsen, 691 S.W.2d 527 (Tenn. 1985).

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