Steven Babitsky Esq.

One of the biggest misconceptions about who can become an effective expert witness is that you need to be an extrovert to do this well. Over the course of my career I have talked to hundreds of experts in all fields who essentially said the same thing: “I am an introvert and probably not cut out to be an expert witness.” This is simply not true. Introverts are generally thought of as shy reticent people. While this may be true in some cases, introverts have some characteristics which make them excellent candidates to become effective expert witnesses in their fields. Dananjaya Hettiarachchi became the 2014 toastmaster international champion of public speakers after a grueling international competition. He found that introverts had characteristics which would help them as an expert witness. Many of these introverts are reserved, thoughtful, good listeners, empathetic, and authentic. These are exactly some of the characteristics that juries find appealing in an expert witness. The bottom line is, if you are an introvert and are an expert in your field, do not hesitate to use your hard-won expertise to become an effective successful expert witness.

Steven Babitsky Esq. is the co-author of the SEAK text, How to Become a Successful Expert Witness: The A-Z Guide to Expert Witnessing. For more information on the text, see here: