In a recent interview, Restaurant expert witness Howard Cannon explains.

Q. What social media works best for expert witness marketing?

A. We feel that all types of social media have value because we can gain reach and visibility without spending much time, much money, or much real effort and therefore the ROI [return on investment] – both time investment and money investment – is wonderful. With that said, we feel that Linked-In is the most valuable social media platform to reach our target client-base. Once you figure out the inner workings of Linked-In it becomes a very effective tool to use to fish for and hook basket-load of lawyers and insurance executives.


Howard Cannon will be speaking at the SEAK National Expert Witness Conference to be held on May 3-4, 2014 in Orlando, FL.

How to Market Your Expert Witness Practice – Without Spending A Small Fortune

Howard Cannon

With increased competition among expert witnesses, it is crucial for experts to utilize all reasonable means available to effectively and efficiently market and promote their practices.  In this fast-paced, highly-intense workshop, Expert Witness and Author, Howard Cannon, will explain and demonstrate his unique and memorable techniques and strategies used to make his restaurant expert witness practice the most visible restaurant, bar, food, and beverage expert witness practice. Howard will discuss how his team uses social media, speaking engagements, writing and publishing, print ads, directories, search engine optimization, and other secret formulas to gain visibility and reach. Howard will explain how to track results and how to successfully pick and choose the most cost-effective means for creating visibility and driving results to your expert witness practice.

Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon is the most visible restaurant, bar, food, and beverage industry expert witness.  Since 1987, his firm has provided expert witness, start-up, and turnaround services to clients of all types and sizes in markets across the country and around the world.  Mr. Cannon’s experience in state and federal court cases with both plaintiffs and defendants in regard to restaurant, bar, food, and beverage industry matters is unmatched.  He has authored four books which can be found in bookstores in more than 76 countries around the globe; given hundreds of seminars, speeches, and interviews; and, has been published in countless magazines, newspapers, and blogs world-wide — having been featured on highly-regarded television, radio, and print mediums; such as:  Anderson Cooper, The Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Fox News, MSNBC, Canadian Public Radio, and others.  His social media impact is extraordinary, as he has tens of thousands of followers, friends, and subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; and, has had more than 125,000 people view his YouTube channels.  Howard has worked in every state of the United States and several countries around the globe.