Expert witnesses are now actively marketing their expert witness services through the use of:

  • Expert witness directories
  • Display and other advertising
  • Speaking and lecturing
  • Writing


 Ten tips for expert witnesses to market their practice include:


  1. An expert should identify and pursue his niche.
  2. The best experts budget the time and money needed to promote their practices. They are serious about building their practices and don’t treat them as a hobby.
  3. Tracking new inquiries and cases gives an idea of which marketing techniques are working and which are not working.
  4. An expert witness should understand the dollar value of cases and target high-value ones.
  5. Expert witnesses should avoid unprofessional marketing directories.
  6. It is unwise to have unprofessional or tacky marketing/advertising. This is not a place for cleverness or joking.
  7. It is crucial to develop an overall marketing strategy and commit the time and resources to implement the plan.
  8. Experts should obtain letters of reference from satisfied clients.
  9. Experts will want to stay in touch with past clients.
  10. Expert should turn out the highest work product possible.