Errata sheets in California are governed statutorily by California’s Code of Civil Procedure § 2025.520. Cal. Civ. Proc. § 2025.520 (West 2017). This rule allows a witness to make changes to deposition testimony within 30 days after the deposition officer notifies the witness that his/her deposition is available to be read. Id. Parties can agree to a time period longer than 30 days if it is mutually agreed upon. Id. The rule also allows for a witness to send a letter to the deposition officer that is signed by the witness stating any changes to the deposition testimony and the witness’s approval or disapproval of the transcript. Id. If this method is utilized, the witness would need to get a certified copy of the deposition and send in any changes or approve/disapprove of the transcript via the letter. Id. Case law in California on the matter is scant and mostly unreported. Thus, the best insight as to how to use an errata sheet in California is the above-cited statute.

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