Errata Sheets in Ohio are statutorily governed by Rule 30 of the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 30 (West 2017). Rule 30(E) requires that the deposition transcript be given to the witness to read once it has been transcribed. Id. The parties can waive this step if they mutually agree to do so. Id. The deposition officer should make any changes in substance or form that the witness desires and then the witness should sign the deposition. Id. The witness must provide a statement with his/her reasons for making the changes he/she did. Id. Witnesses have 30 days from the date the deposition officer provides them with the transcript to make said changes. Id. However, if there is a hearing or the trial is scheduled for a time that is within 30 days of the witness being notified of the transcript, then the witness will have seven days to complete the review. Id. If the trial or a hearing is set to occur within seven days of the witness’s notification of the transcript, then the court can set a deadline for the witness to review the transcript. Id. If the witness does not sign the transcript within the applicable time period, the deposition officer may sign and state the reason for the witness not signing. Id. Once the deposition officer signs the transcript, it is considered fully useable. Id.

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