Errata Sheets in Pennsylvania are statutorily governed by Rule 4017 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure. 231 Pa. Stat. and Cons. Stat. Ann. § 4017 (West 2017). The rule requires that once the deposition is fully transcribed the witness should receive a copy to review and sign. Id. This step can be waived if all parties mutually agree. Id. When reviewing, the witness can make changes in either the form or substance of the testimony, but the witness must provide a statement of the reason(s) for the change(s). Id. The witness has 30 days to review and sign the deposition, but if they do not, then the deposition officer shall sign the transcript and record the reasoning for which the witness would not sign the deposition. Once the witness signs the deposition or the deposition officer signs in the witness’s lack of action, the deposition is considered to be fully useable. Id.

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