Jury instructions regarding expert witnesses in Washington D.C. are outlined in Washington D.C.’s Standardized Civil Jury Instructions § 2.12. D.C. CIVIL JURY INSTR. § 2.12 2017). This rule explains that an expert can be labeled as such given the person’s “training, skill, experience, or education.” Id. The jury is instructed to “evaluate expert testimony like any other evidence.” Id. Juries should give expert testimony as must weight as the jury feels it deserves. Id. When evaluating how much weight to give an expert’s testimony, the jury should consider the expert’s “training and experience, his or her credibility, the reasons given for the opinion, and all the other evidence in the case.” Id. Lastly, if there is conflicting expert testimony, the jury should consider all of these factors in determining which expert’s testimony is more credible. Id.

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