Expert Witnesses’ Self-Inflicted Wounds
By: Steven Babitsky, Esq.

Many expert witnesses create problems for themselves with the things they say in their CVs, webpages, and reports. All of these self-created problems are completely avoidable with a little judicious self-editing.

Here are just a few examples of some of these self-inflicted wounds that I have come across recently when training expert witnesses:


“I will need to fly first class and will add a 10% ‘service charge’ to all expenses.”

“Get the most experience for your dollar by retaining me.”

“In most cases, initial report has been sufficient to result in a settlement.”

“A $40 service charge will be added to the bill for an ink cartridge I used to print records.”

“A mechanical expert who has a side business selling male enhancement products.”

“My goal is to provide honest assessment of cases.”

“Most orthopedic surgeons are not qualified to comment on soft tissue injuries.”

“We specialize in defective home inspections.”

“We assist in the defense of building contractors.”

“By the preponderance of the facts stated, it is my opinion…”

“Well known that Chinese like to bargain.”