Overly protective gatekeepers are costing medical and other expert witnesses millions of dollars per year. If this seems to you to be a bit of an overstatement let’s look at one recent example we encountered at SEAK.

Case Example

We received a call from an attorney at a large law firm. He located an expert witness in the SEAK Expert Witness Directory. He called us and said, “I called the expert and told his assistant (gatekeeper) that I would like to speak to the expert and was told the “doctor” does not speak to lawyers. Can you please call the expert witness and intervene and have the expert call me?”

Here the expert witness may have lost a $50,000 assignment due to an overly protective “gatekeeper”.  And who knows how many other times, this “gatekeeper” has done this.

How much is this costing this particular expert?  The answer is, A LOT.

These scenarios, or ones similar to this, are happening fairly routinely on a national basis costing expert witnesses millions of dollars per year.


Make sure your “gatekeeper” is not overly protective and keeping lawyers and others from contacting you.