While many expert witnesses and trial attorneys focus their time on prepping for cross-examination, the key to success often lies in a powerful persuasive direct examination.

Expert witnesses want to work with retaining counsel to:

  • Humanize the expert.
  • Lay out an interesting and persuasive narrative.
  • Diffuse any damaging information that is likely to arise during cross-examination.
  • Make sure that the “connect the dot questions” are asked of the expert.
  • Practice until the direct is natural and powerful.

Attorney Lance Cooper will be speaking on Direct Examination at the SEAK National Expert Witness Conference to be held in Washington, DC on April 25-26, 2015.

Direct Examination: What Lawyers Want from Their Expert

Lance Cooper, Esq.

Attorney Cooper will explain how lawyers choose experts with an eye toward their direct examination. He will discuss how experts can convey and make understandable complex information for the jury. Attorney Cooper will review how, through a well-planned direct examination, the expert can reveal her personality, likeability, credibility and fairness and deal with potential problem areas and weaknesses. He will demonstrate how the expert can use demonstrative evidence to teach and bond with the jury. Attorney Cooper will offer practical suggestions on how to excel at their direct examination when delivered live or through a video deposition.