Errata Sheets in Hawaii are governed statutorily by Hawaii’s Court Rules, Rule 30(e). Haw. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 5-30 (West 2017). This rule requires the deposition transcript to be submitted to the witness if either the witness or one of the parties so requests before the deposition is completed. Id. If the request is made, the witness will be provided the transcript in order to review it and make changes in form or substance. Id. If changes are made, the witness must sign a statement outlining the changes and provide reasons for the changes that were made. Id. If the witness is given the opportunity to examine the transcript, it shall complete the process within 30 days from the date the witness is notified that the transcript is complete. Id. If the witness does not sign within 30 days, the deposition officer shall sign and state the reason the witness did not sign. Id. The requirements of Rule 30(e) may sometimes be excused in “extenuating circumstances,” but the bar for this is high and there cannot be additional factors, such as witness’s confusion as to the correction process. Carr v. Strode, 904 P.2d 489 (Haw. 1995).

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