Jury instructions regarding expert witnesses in New Jersey are outlined in New Jersey’s Model Civil Jury Charges, Rule 1.13. N.J. MODEL CIVIL JURY CHARGES 1.13 (1995). This rule explains to the jury that experts are permitted to give their opinions while testifying relating to subject matters that the expert is qualified in. Id. This rule also reminds the jury that regardless of what expert witnesses testify to, the jury has the final say as to the facts and how much weight to give each expert’s testimony. Id. The jury should consider reasons the expert has for testifying, the expert’s qualifications, and believability. Id. Additionally, the jury should analyze the facts relied on by the expert to form its opinions and determine whether those facts are applicable to the case at hand. Id. Lastly, the rule instructs that the jury can choose to completely disregard an expert’s testimony if it feels it was inaccurate or inapplicable. Id. There is also an optional instruction relating to conflicting expert testimony that instructs the jury to resolve any conflicting expert testimony by using the factors mentioned to determine which expert’s testimony is more credible. Id.

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