Experience and successful expert witnesses are now often using demonstrative evidence such as powerpoints, models, videos, animations, photographs, 3D laser data, etc. during their direct examination.

This demonstrative evidence needs to be presented to counsel and approved by the Judge prior to its use.

Effective demonstrative evidence can turn a dry recitation of the science into a powerful visceral presentation that will long be remembered by the jury.

Susan M. Bowley, PhD will be speaking on expert witness preparation at the SEAK National Expert Witness Conference to be held on April 25-26, 2015 in Washington, DC.

Effective Use of Demonstrative Evidence

Susan M. Bowley, PhD

Dr. Bowley will explain and demonstrate how expert witnesses can help create and use demonstrative evidence such as 3D laser scan point cloud data, photographs, scale models, videos, animations, etc. to make their testimony more understandable and compelling for the jury. She will explain the creative process and how to effectively deal with retaining counsel and objections from opposing counsel. The presentation will emphasize practical, cost-effective suggestions for experts.