OSHA and safety expert witness Chip Darius explains.

Q. How can experts get off to a strong start on direct examination?

Three main points come to mind. First, prepare a report and know it cold. If retaining counsel has not asked for a report, prepare a summary of expert opinions to ensure all opinions are addressed. Second, organize and be intimately familiar with the case file. Be able to locate documents quickly. Third, insist that retaining counsel spend the preparation time necessary so the expert has an idea of what will be covered in the direct examination. During this preparation time, the expert and retaining counsel should consider what is likely to come up on cross examination, and adjust the direct examination accordingly.

Mr. Darius will be speaking at the SEAK National Expert Witness Conference to be held on May 3-4, 2014 in Orlando, FL.

Persuasion Skills and Communication Techniques for Expert Witnesses

Chip Darius, OHST, CET

To be effective and successful, expert witnesses need both technical skills and the ability to communicate with and persuade the judge, jury, or other fact finder. Mr. Darius will explain and demonstrate what makes expert witnesses more persuasive and successful communicators. In this presentation he will explain and demonstrate specific techniques that experts can utilize to become a more persuasive expert witness before, during and after testimony including: 6-second size-up; using powerful and memorable language, analogies, and metaphors; optimizing teaching skills and opportunities; using demonstrative aids and evidence; verbal and non-verbal communication; focusing on the messages between the lines; and managing meta-communication.

Chip Darius, OHST, CET is an OSHA / Safety Consultant and Trainer with over 20 years’ experience serving clients in general industry, construction, utilities and emergency services. Mr. Darius is an Instructor for the OSHA Training Institute Region 1 Education Center, where he has been teaching courses on OSHA regulations for over a decade. Mr. Darius is an experienced Forensic Expert Witness and Litigation Consultant in catastrophic injury, fatality and personal injury matters. He has experience in both plaintiff and defense cases, in state and federal matters. He has testimony experience in depositions and at trials. Mr. Darius has conducted training at international, national, regional, state and local conferences and seminars. He earned BS and MA degrees from the University of Connecticut. Mr. Darius has also been a certified Emergency Medical Technician for 34 years.