Errata Sheets in Mississippi are governed statutorily by the Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 30(e). Miss. Code Ann. § 5-30 (West 2017). This rule requires that once the transcript is complete, it should be submitted to the witness to be examined unless examination has been waived by the witness and the parties. Id. The witness can make changes to the transcript in substance or form and the changes shall be entered into the transcript or as an accompaniment to it. Id. Along with the changes, the witness must also provide a statement of reasons for the changes. Id. The party that took the deposition should promptly serve notice on the other parties of the changes made by the witness. Id. The witness should then affirm the correctness of the transcript within 30 days of when the transcript was submitted to the witness. Id. If the affirmation is not done within 30 days, the witness must provide the reason for refusing to affirm under penalty of perjury in the transcript and then the transcript will be considered fully affirmed. Id.

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