Expert WitnessWe are often asked how attorneys locate expert witnesses.  By far, the number one way that attorneys find expert witnesses is through word of mouth.  Attorneys are well connected and readily share information as to which expert witnesses that they have encountered have performed well in the past.

Other methods attorneys use to locate expert witnesses include Directories, such as the SEAK Expert Witness Directory, Jurispro, ALM, Expert Pages, and HG Experts, literature searches, internet searches, and expert witness brokers and referral agencies such as TASA, Roundtable Group, and ForensisGroup.

Expert witnessing is often a one strike and you are out proposition.  By that we mean that if an expert witness preforms poorly in a case, word will travel quickly and the expert witness’ referrals will likely end.  A major key to starting and building a durable and lucrative expert witness practice is therefore a high quality work product.

Expert witnesses who learn how to deliver a superior work product are the expert witnesses who are most likely to succeed. Expert witness training is often the key to the ability to deliver such a superior work product.